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In today's always-on business world, organizations need to recover business-critical application data quickly and with no loss when a disruption happens, whether it’s a cyberattack, a power outage, equipment failure, or a natural disaster.

BlueXP delivers a full set of capabilities to build an enterprise grade data estate that meets the most stringent recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO, RTO) so that your mission-critical data is always available.


Disaster Recovery with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Whether you are running ONTAP on-premises or in the cloud, you need a good DR solution in place. Cloud Volumes ONTAP makes it possible to do that faster and more efficiently while paying less for updates and data storage.

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Storage that meets your DR requirements

Create secure and performant DR storage environments anywhere across the hybrid multicloud

  • Define your primary storage availability level with single node, single-zone high availability (HA), or multi-zone HA deployments
  • Improve performance with built-in storage efficiencies that make your data lightweight
  • Save on costs buy tiering your DR copy to low-cost object storage until it's needed
  • Reinforce your data security posture with additional cyber-resilience tools
Ensure business continuity




Seamless failover and failback

Manage data storage simply and in the same way across clouds and on-premises, with full interoperability between environments

  • Replication between on-premises ONTAP, Cloud Volumes ONTAP and AWS FSx for ONTAP
  • Replication on any granularity: volume or entire storage virtual machine (SVM), and application-aware replication
  • Seamless failover, failback, and re-sync
  • Replication is self-healing in the event of a transfer failure

NetApp-native backup as an additional layer of protection 

Protect and archive your ONTAP data using cost-effective object storage

  • Independent and reliable backups, stored separately from the ONTAP cluster
  • Backups are encrypted end to end and stored in an immutable, WORM state
  • Application-consistent backups ensure security of mission-critical data

Continuous and efficient replication and backup

High-speed, enterprise-grade replication for your ONTAP data, both on-premises and in the cloud


ONTAP storage efficiencies are preserved over–the wire and at the destination


Only changed and newly added blocks are replicated to the target system


Data is replicated directly between systems and can be throttled