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BlueXP offers integrated AIOPS and storage health tools to simplify proactive care and optimization of your NetApp storage. These tools enable visibility into storage health and provide prescriptive guidance to address misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities, outdated firmware, rapid growth, and best practice gaps.

Digital advisor: optimize your data infrastructure

The digital advisor provides you with visibility and insights required to maintain storage health, reduce time spent on storage operations, lower storage costs and improve efficiency

  • Understand your storage environment wellness, best practices gaps, and get recommended actions
  • Enhance storage operations with drift management and prescriptive guidance
  • Find on-premises workloads candidates to move to the cloud and inactive data tiering opportunities

Operational resiliency: maintain optimal resiliency

The operational resiliency dashboard provides automated discovery of security risks in on-premises ONTAP clusters and remediation guidance based on the digital advisor (View security vulnerabilities, their impact level, status, and remediation options

  • Mitigate vulnerabilities using automated remediation flows or through Ansible playbooks
  • Get details and status information on remediation flows

Economic efficiency: expand storage efficiently

The economic efficiency dashboard detects on-premises ONTAP storage systems with current or forecasted low capacity and provides recommendations for capacity expansion

  • View low-capacity storage assets based on their current and forecasted capacity by month
  • Evaluate your storage systems’ expansion options and act to remediate
  • Define your capacity requirement, get recommendation for adding disk shelves and submit a request for quote
  • Leverage BlueXP tiering capability to automatically move inactive data to cost-efficient object storage