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NetApp® BlueXP™ copy and sync is a service that enables fast and secure data migration through data transfers and synchronization between any source and target, including non-NetApp environments. Setting up sync schedules, notifications/alerts, and reports is easy. The service comes with a flexible pricing model to suit varying migration needs.

Simple and flexible

Copy, move or sync data between a broad range of file and object storage types and locations with a simple drag-and-drop

  • Supports all NFS, SMB/CIFS, object, and cloud-based repositories
  • Mix and match source and target storage format types
  • Transfer data from on-prem to on-prem, on-prem to cloud, and cloud to cloud
Data Copy & Sync 1-1


Configure the copy settings to meet the needs of your specific use case

  • Control the synchronization schedule and data transfer rate
  • Select any of the available target cloud object storage tiers including low-cost archival tiers
  • Preserve NAS ACLs and permissions, copy object storage metadata, and tags
Data Copy & Sync 2-1

Robust Security

Transfer data while adhering to enterprise security standards

  • Secure with data-in-flight encryption
  • Store and access your cloud credentials with an external HashiCorp Vault™
  • Deploy the data transfer engine in your datacenter or within your cloud account
Data Copy & Sync 3-1

Real estate industry success stories with Cloud Volumes ONTAP and BlueXP copy and sync

Learn how the #1 most visited homes-for-sale site, with millions of consumers viewing the website each month managed to securely move ~2 billion files to the cloud within a reasonable timeframe and without impacting their website.

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