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As companies expand, file systems get scattered across isolated storage environments. This leads to challenges for IT teams in managing and protecting this data, while global teams face difficulties in collaborating on common files. 

BlueXP lets you easily centralize distributed NAS and consolidate file servers in the cloud. It then allows you to easily access these files from remote locations using BlueXP edge caching and bursting, and protect them using BlueXP backup and recovery, replication, and ransomware protection.  


Create a central, cost-effective enterprise-grade file system in the cloud

Consolidate files in the cloud to simplify operations, enhance data protection, and reduce storage costs


Transfer data from any file or object storage to a centrally managed enterprise-grade file system


Enforce snapshot, backup, and DR replication policies for company-wide files


Significantly reduce file storage costs with thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, and data tiering

Protect your central file system against ransomware attacks

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BlueXP includes an advanced set of tools for protecting consolidated data against ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats

  • Ransomware detection and protection built into the storage layer
  • Automatically create immutable file backups
  • Identify and classify sensitive data within files for improved access control
  • Rapidly recover file systems if data becomes compromised

Give remote edge locations users local-like file access

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Deploy self-sustaining cache copies of the most used files at branch offices and other edge locations

  • Users access the local cache copy, eliminating latency when opening and saving files
  • Cloud file systems can be accessed transparently from branch locations via a global namespace
  • Centralized file locking mechanisms prevent version conflicts and allows real-time global collaboration

Burst datasets for on-demand compute-intensive projects

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Make large cloud datasets available for high performance access on premises or in different clouds

  • Burst cloud data to a location close to the compute resources to prevent latency
  • Provide applications and users with local-like access to remote cloud data
  • Reduce egress costs by only copying the necessary data blocks
  • When the project is complete, simply delete the bursted copy
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