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Enterprises are looking to migrate workloads to Google Cloud, but they don’t want to lose the enterprise-grade data management capabilities they had on-premises, such as reliability, security, performance, and cost efficiency.

BlueXP lets you centrally provision and manage a highly available, performant, and cost-efficient cloud-based storage infrastructure on Google Cloud that enables seamless migration and data protection across your hybrid cloud.


Build your enterprise storage on Google Cloud

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BlueXP offers two different flavors ONTAP-based storage for Google Cloud. You can choose the flavor that best suits your organization.

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP is ONTAP-based Google Cloud storage you create in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), giving you granular control over the underlying infrastructure
  • Cloud Volumes Service is ONTAP-based Google Cloud storage delivered as a fully managed service by Google Cloud

Cloud Volumes ONTAP: customer managed service, deployed and operated using BlueXP


Cloud Volumes Service: fully managed Google service, can be deployed and operated using BlueXP and/or Google management tools

Move data across on-premises, edge, and Google Cloud 

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BlueXP helps you easily move application and user data between your on-premises, edge, and Google Cloud storage environments.

  • Replicate data from on-premises and edge locations to native or ONTAP-based Google Cloud storage
  • Free up space on-premises by tiering infrequently used data from ONTAP systems to Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • Enable low-latency access to consolidated data with remote data caching

Protect data in Google Cloud with enterprise-grade resilience 

BlueXP protects your data in Google Cloud, making it easier to enforce high availability, business continuity, and enterprise security standards.

  • Create storage with a Single-Zone or Multi-Zone high-availability architecture with automatic failover and failback
  • Back up on-premises ONTAP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP volumes to Google Cloud Storage with BlueXP backup and recovery
  • Replicate ONTAP volumes across regions and clouds to ensure business continuity in the event of a major outage
  • Enforce enterprise-grade security that includes volume-level encryption, immutable copies, access controls, and ransomware protection

Single-Zone or Multi-Zone high-availability


Backup to GCS and replicate data across regions ​


Enforce enterprise-grade security ​

Classify your Google Cloud data for enhanced governance and privacy 

BlueXP lets you scan unstructured data for actionable insights to address compliance requirements, optimize costs, and accelerate migration to Google Cloud.

  • Scan file information and discover personal identifiers within files
  • Organize data based on file information: sensitivity level, owner, permissions, labels, time attributes, and size
  • Copy, move, and delete files to perform clean migrations​ to Google Cloud

Lower the total cost of ownership for your Google Cloud workloads 

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Optimize your ONTAP-based storage consumption and costs without sacrificing on workload performance. 

  • Store more data in a smaller storage footprint with thin provisioning and built-in data reduction technologies, such as deduplication and compression 
  • Tier infrequently accessed data to object storage for optimal storage utilization and cost reduction 
  • Leverage inherently efficient NetApp Snapshot™ copies and cloning features that use minimal capacity and incremental forever block-level replication

More data. Smaller storage footprint​


Tier infrequently-accessed data​


Leverage ONTAP’s efficient data management​