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Enterprises are looking to migrate mission-critical databases to the public cloud, but they don’t want to lose the enterprise-grade data management capabilities, reliability, cost performance, and security they had on-prem. 

BlueXP lets you centrally provision and manage a highly available, performant, and cost-efficient cloud-based storage infrastructure for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP HANA databases without any trade-offs.


SQL Server and FSx ONTAP, faster TTM and lower costs for your database environments

Running SQL Server in AWS? Learn how you can easily protect for your SQL Server databases and accelerate development cycles leveraging application-consistent snapshots and cloning.

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Run your databases reliably anywhere 

BlueXP helps you deploy and manage ONTAP-based storage solutions on-premises and in the cloud with high levels of availability and performance

  • Run your databases consistently on any cloud using FSx for ONTAP, Azure NetApp Files, Cloud Volumes Service, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Ensure business continuity for business-critical applications and databases with zero data loss and minimal downtime using highly available storage
  • Get the predictable high performance required to run latency-sensitive applications and databases, with the ability to scale as needed

Accelerate database migration to the cloud 

BlueXP provides storage-level replication and integrated file transfer services to move databases and shared application data between your ONTAP-based deployments

  • Replicate ONTAP volumes and LUNs containing databases and shared application data from on-premises ONTAP clusters to FSx for ONTAP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Copy database files and application data residing on NFS and SMB shares to cloud-native storage and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Protect and govern your data 

BlueXP helps you understand and protect the data in your databases, making it easier to align with regulations and ensure business critical applications and databases can rapidly recover from disasters

  • Scan your databases to discover sensitive data and personal identifiable information for enhanced data governance and privacy
  • Create secure, cost-efficient backups of your databases and retain them in highly durable object storage
  • Ensure disaster recovery by replicating databases in ONTAP volumes and LUNs between on-premises ONTAP clusters, FSx for ONTAP, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Lower the total cost of ownership 

Optimize ONTAP-based storage infrastructure consumption and costs without sacrificing your databases’ performance


Store more data in a smaller storage footprint with thin provisioning and built-in data reduction technologies such as deduplication and compression


Tier infrequently-accessed data to object storage for optimal storage utilization and cost reduction


Leverage inherently efficient NetApp Snapshot™ copies and cloning features which use minimal capacity overhead and block-level incremental forever replication