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BlueXP backup and recovery backs up on-premises and cloud-based ONTAP data to object storage. Secure copies of your unstructured data, databases, VMs, and Kubernetes persistent volumes are created automatically and backed up directly to Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage, Google Cloud Storage in the cloud or StorageGRID appliances on-premises.

Inherently secure and resilient for all workloads

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Backup your data while aligning with enterprise security standards

  • Protected end-to-end with AES 256-bit encryption at rest, TLS/HTTPS encryption in flight, and Customer-Managed Key (CMK) support
  • Data is stored separately from your ONTAP cluster with 99.999999999% data durability
  • Backed-up data is stored in an immutable and indelible WORM state
  • Backups are air gapped with multi-region, multicloud, and cross-account operability 

Fast and highly efficient

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Never miss a backup window and keep infrastructure costs low


Backup copies are stored in object format and preserve all of ONTAP’s storage efficiencies 


Incremental forever block-level backup saves time by updating only changed blocks, not entire files 


Direct backup with no media gateway 

Simplified operations

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  • Fully managed with automated activation and operations
  • Backup policies automatically applied to new data volumes
  • Indexed catalog makes it easy to search and restore on a granular level

How to backup petabytes of data

In this guidebook, we’ll take a closer look at backup technologies, their limitations, as well as NetApp’s solutions to critical issues such as:

  • What the main challenges of NAS backup are today
  • Why organizations fail to meet their backup needs
  • How to meet your backup needs 100x faster
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Backup and recovery TCO and savings

Calculate your potential savings with BlueXP backup and recovery, compared with traditional backup vendors

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Explore the complete pricing for backup and recovery and for other BlueXP capabilities

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