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BlueXP backup and recovery provides a single control plane to implement your entire backup strategy. It allows you to create secure copies of your ONTAP data, and then store them in a location of your choice both on-premise or in the cloud. This includes ONTAP systems, as well as Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage, Google Cloud storage, ONTAP S3 or StorageGRID appliances on-premises.

Reliable and direct backup

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Easily align with the 3-2-1 backup strategy with local snapshots, replications and remote backup copies

  • Independent and reliable backup, storing the data in a read-only snapshot hosted locally, on another ONTAP system or separately from the ONTAP cluster
  • No middleman: Back up directly from ONTAP to the destination without adding a point of failure
  • The backup copy changes the data format to object storage, which has a 99.999999999% data durability

Faster, more efficient back up for PB-scale data

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Never miss a backup window with back up that’s 100-times faster

  • Preserve ONTAP’s storage efficiencies, including deduplication, compression, and compaction
  • Incremental forever backup: the full data set is only created once, no re-baseline needed
  • Block-level updates only copy changed 4KB data blocks, not whole files 
  • Unlimited scale with object storage on AWS, Azure, GCP, ONTAP S3, or StorageGRID

Inherently secure and ransomware resilient

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Create a secure backup of your mission-critical data

  • Protected end-to-end with AES 256-bit encryption at rest, TLS/HTTPS encryption in flight, and customer-managed key (CMK) support
  • Backed-up data is stored in an immutable and indelible WORM state
  • Air gap your backup with multi-region, multicloud, and cross-account operability
  • Backups are locked and monitored: users are alerted about any attempt to corrupt the data

Single console

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A collection of intuitive wizards and dashboards to implement and manage any variant of the 3-2-1 backup strategy

  • Select volumes and define their backup policy and architecture
  • Search and restore backups on a granular level using an indexed catalog that includes all backup copies, including local snapshots
  • Audit your data estate and its backup status with comprehensive reports and dashboards

Optimized for cost-efficiency

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Reduce your backup total cost of ownership (TCO) with a cost-efficient backup solution


Reduce footprint maintaining native ONTAP efficiencies


Save on hardware, storage, and effort using direct backup and restore. Backups reside in an object storage system which is optimized for lower cost


Get the cheapest and easiest long-term archiving with cloud archival tiers

BlueXP backup and recovery
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See how easy it is to back up your ONTAP system both on-premises and in the cloud. Watch our group demo for a purely technical walkthrough of BlueXP backup and recovery, including the latest enhancements.

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