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BlueXP edge caching lets you create a centralized file store that serves remote locations around the globe. With edge caching, frequently accessed data is maintained in each of the associated remote edge locations and can be accessed without the latency that is typically involved accessing data over WAN, while remaining under central control.

Your location of choice

Edge caching supports file system consolidation in the public cloud and on-premises

Edge Caching 1-1

Global access for enhanced collaboration

BlueXP edge caching is available in two deployment modes to fit your enterprise architecture: as in integrated service combined in a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance (Cloud Volumes Edge Cache), or as an add-on component to your enterprise storage strategy (Global File Cache)

  • Transparent access to an always up-to-date data set from any associated remote location
  • Central file locking mechanism that ensures real time collaboration
  • Frequently used data is intelligently cached and maintained at edge locations for fast access
  • No change in workflow, user experience, or applications required
Edge Caching 2-1

Highly available and resilient data set

Edge Caching 3-2
NetApp On Cloud 3A-1

The consolidated file services maintain the data store's enterprise-grade high availability

NetApp On Cloud 3B-2

The consolidated file services are protected with snapshots, backups and cross-region replication

Engineers collaborate on global projects

"Our number one job is to keep everyone productive. Cloud Volumes Edge Cache lets us do just that."

IT Solutions Specialist

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