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Cloud Tiering TCO and Savings

A simple comparison of extending your on-premises storage to the cloud using the Cloud Tiering Service vs. keeping it all on-prem.

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Physical used capacity after ONTAP efficiencies
Data that hasn't been accessed in the last 30 days or more. The industry standard per Tiering policy:

Snapshots only- 20%
Cold User Data & Snapshots - 80%
All- 95%
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AFF/FAS costs are estimates based on ASPs from market surveys.
Cloud object storage costs for tiered data are based on us-east price list pricing for the selected provider.
Cloud Tiering costs reflect term and promotional pricing discounts available at this time.
TCO analysis reflects any associated reduction in on-premises storage costs resulting from the tiering process.
This calculator does not include any cloud provider data transfer costs which may be incurred.
Savings from reduction of on-premises data center costs (space, power, environmental) are not included in this analysis.

Your savings:

  • 1 year
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  • 3 years