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BlueXP ransomware protection makes defending and recovering your workloads easier, faster, and more effective. Ransomware protection merges the powerful cyber-resilience features of ONTAP and BlueXP into a single control plane and adds tailored recommendations and one-click orchestrated actions.

Comprehensive, workload-centric defense

  • Identifies critical workloads (apps, VMs, file shares) in your primary ONTAP storage and applies protection policies with a single click
  • Accurately detects potential attacks and automatically responds with immutable and indelible Snapshot copies to limit damage
  • Recovers entire workloads, with application consistency, within minutes to minimize costly downtime

Don’t just react to threats, anticipate them

Prepare for threats by gaining a clear, actionable overview of your risk posture.
Guided fix actions help you stay steps ahead of attackers:
  • Automatically identify workloads (VMs, file shares, and databases) and their data in your NetApp storage environments
  • Determine workload importance
  • Analyze risk factors 
  • Apply recommend and tailored protection policies

Detect and respond with unmatched speed and accuracy

Leverage the power of AI/ML to identify potential attacks and act swiftly to secure a safe recovery point. Ransomware protection provides:
  • Real-time anomaly monitoring and alerting
  • Predictive AI threat detection
  • Automatic immutable and indelible Snapshot copies when threats are detected
  • Forensics to investigate attacks
  • Integration with popular SIEM solutions​

Frictionless recovery when every second counts

Ransomware protection restores operations to working order quickly and efficiently, keeping application states and data intact:
  • Recommends a restore point and restores data at the workload, volume, or file level
  • Orchestrate recovery with a single click
  • Full visibility into real-time recovery status​

Technical Validation Report

"BlueXP ransomware protection by NetApp helps organizations prepare for and recover quickly from an inevitable ransomware attack, enabling them to have confidence that they will never have to pay a ransom for NetApp storage workloads."

Justin Boyer
IT Validation Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

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