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NetApp® BlueXP™ tiering expands primary storage capacity by automatically moving infrequently accessed(cold) data in on-premises ONTAP clusters to object-based storage. It frees up the available capacity of your primary storage, saving up to 70% on your overall storage footprint.

Continuous capacity

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Tiering operates automatically without any need to change your workflows


Infrequently-used data is automatically discovered and moved to object storage


Applications continue to access the tiered data in the same way - no need to refactor


Data is always available for immediate access: if tiered data is needed – it is automatically moved back

Complete control

Set your tiering policy preferences and change them whenever you want

  • Define which volumes to tier
  • Identify the types of data to tier
  • Set time intervals when data to be tiered and retrieved
Data Tiering 2-2

Robust security

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Tier your data while complying with enterprise security standards

  • End-to-end data encryption and SOC2-type2 certification
  • Tiered data is stored in your data center or cloud account
  • The object storage capacity tier is highly durable

Festo case study

Read about how BlueXP tiering helped Festo, an industrial giant in Germany, optimize hardware usage and significantly reduce overall storage footprint

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