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Cyber threats are a top business risk, from ransomware attacks and data breaches to cloud platform failures and security vulnerabilities related to remote work.

BlueXP provides comprehensive cyber threat protection at the data level from the inside out: building an inherently secure data environment, identifying your most sensitive data, ensuring business continuity with a DR site, backing up your data, identifying and neutralizing abnormal behavior, and providing automatic recommendations to improve cyber resilience posture.

Cyber reilience solution

What is the Data-Centric Approach to Ransomware Protection?

A full review of ransomware threats and what you can do to create a data-centric protective stance using BlueXP ransomware protection.

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Secure storage: Build an inherently secure data environment

BlueXP allows you to build your data estate with a Zero Trust security posture against cyber threats by deploying CVO, FSx for ONTAP or discovering on-premises ONTAP 

  • Immutable, point-in-time, read-only Snapshot copies provide a failsafe against ransomware lockouts
  • Logically air-gapped WORM (Write Once Read Many) volumes prevent data from being tampered with
  • File creation blocking based on malicious file extensions prevents malware execution 

Data classification: Know your data to best protect it

Understanding the contents of your data is key in protecting it. BlueXP Classification provides deep insights into your data that allow you to better fight cyber threats 

  • Categorize and classify your data automatically to properly secure and mitigate risks. Understand the age, size, permissions, and types of the data you store
  • AI-driven analysis identifies PII and sensitive information in your data so they can be protected appropriately 
  • Easily review file and folder permissions to ensure the correct level of access to the data

DR site: Ensure business continuity

When a disaster hits, you need a way to keep things running. Create an additional live copy of your data with BlueXP replication to ensure business continuity

  • Rapidly create an inherently secure disaster recovery copy that can be stored on-premises and/or in the cloud
  • Immediate failover mechanisms allow you to switch operations to the remote copy in case of attacks or outages
  • Sync data between copies and environments efficiently and with minimal overhead

Backup: Keep a safe copy of your data

A secure backup is your last line of defense against ransomware lockouts. Create a secure, lightweight backup copy of your ONTAP data with BlueXP backup and recovery

  • Fast, highly efficient, and reliable ONTAP-native backup
  • Backed-up data is stored in an immutable and indelible WORM (Write Once Read Many) state
  • Backups are logically air gapped with multi-region, multicloud, and cross-account operability

Data behavior: Instantly detect and prevent abnormal data behavior

BlueXP observability continuously analyzes user and system usage of your data to make sure threats are detected before they can threaten your data

  • Identify, prevent, or limit sophisticated cyber-attacks with ongoing user behavior analytics (UBA)
  • Proactively deny access to suspicious file, folder, and user activity
  • Monitor your Active Directory for anomalous activity and unnecessary privilege allocations to remove potential security gaps

Get automatic recommendations to improve your data security

Don’t get caught by surprise. BlueXP’s ransomware protection dashboard sends alerts and recommended actions to help improve your data security

  • Automatically score your system’s cyber resiliency and readiness
  • Easily implement built-in best-practice recommendations
  • A single interface for ransomware protection tools to strengthen your data’s cyber resilience