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BlueXP classification makes it possible to scan and classify data across your organization’s hybrid multicloud. Classification utilizes AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) for contextual data analysis and categorization, giving you actionable insights into your data to address compliance requirements, detect security vulnerabilities, optimize costs, and accelerate migration. 

Classification across your entire data estate

Scanning and profiling of your file storage, object storage, and databases across all on-premises and cloud​ environments


Data collection, analysis and classification of vital information

  • Collection of file information such as type, size, time attributes, ownership, and user/group permissions
  • Analysis of data to identify PII such as email, credit card number, IBAN, national IDs, IP address, passwords, ethnicity reference, religion beliefs, civil law reference, etc.
  • Classification of PII into sensitivity levels (standard, personal, sensitive-personal) and categories such as HR, legal, marketing, sales, finance, etc.
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Out-of-the-box governance insights

  • Savings opportunities - stale, duplicated and non-business data​
  • High level data overview and full data mapping
    • Top data repositories by sensitivity levels​
    • Data with open permissions​
    • Age and size of data​
    • Classification of data based on categories, file types and AIP labels​

Out-of-the-box privacy insights​

  • PII distribution categorized by sensitivity level (standard, personal, sensitive-personal)​
  • List of files and database table containing PII​
  • Generate reports such as Privacy Risk Assessment, PCI DSS, HIPAA and respond to Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)​

User-defined custom insights​

  • Organize data using a wide range of filters: sensitivity level, owner, permissions, labels, time attributes, and size
  • Sort data by structured, unstructured, or directory view
  • Generate downloadable reports for offline analysis
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Take actions on your insights​

  • Use pre-defined and custom policies to automatically send alerts, assign AIP labels and delete files​
  • Apply and manage tags and AIP labels to further categorize your data​
  • Assign users to certain files for
    follow-up actions​
  • Copy, move and delete files to optimize storage costs and utilization, comply with security standards and perform clean migration​
Classification 6

How BlueXP classification found unprotected personal data on this company’s enterprise storage

BlueXP classification provides the support organizations need to overcome the complexity of modern IT helping them understand where their data resides, how much of it there is and how they're using it.
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