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With Google Cloud NetApp Volumes, you can easily migrate apps to Google Cloud without rearchitecting. Securely run cloud workloads and optimize cost. This fully managed file storage service is based on NetApp ONTAP, the industry-leading storage management technology, and delivers proven, high-performance, enterprise-grade storage with multiprotocol file support for file sharing, business applications, and business continuity. Integration with the entire Google Cloud ecosystem automates operations, optimizes capacity, and avoids both overprovisioning and cloud waste. Now you can intelligently protect data and maintain availability—satisfying business continuity requirements.​ ​

New storage service from Google Cloud

  • Enterprise-grade, multiprotocol file shares with SMBv3, NFSv3, v4.1, and Dual Protocol support for the most demanding Windows or Linux workloads ​without refactoring.
  • Google Cloud’s only storage service with NFSv4 file service support and support for Kerberos and POSIX applications.​
  • Google Cloud NetApp Volumes builds on NetApp ONTAP's advanced data management capabilities, such as NetApp® Snapshot™ copies and volume cloning to provide freedom from refactoring enterprise applications and redesigning processes.

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