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Azure NetApp Files Eases SAP Deployment in Cloud

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October 29, 2019

Topics: Azure NetApp Files 2 minute read

The alarm clock blares at 5:30 AM, tearing Hazel from an anxious sleep.

Hazel had been hired as a cloud architect for an athleticwear company. The corporation, a long-time Dell EMC on-premises customer using SAP had decided to migrate its SAP data and modules to Azure. Thinking that her cloud migration would be seamless with Azure alone, Hazel tested out Azure products such as Azure Files and Azure Managed Disk to move her company’s data and applications. However, those Azure products proved to be more useful for smaller workloads. She needed a faster option that could handle large amounts of data efficiently. Moreover, her company wanted a cloud-native product that offered support for NFS protocols, so that the company could avoid rearchitecturing. Hazel’s hands were full, but she was determined to find the right fit for her company’s move to the cloud.

ANF Delivers That On-Premises Feel

As luck would have it, Azure NetApp Files found them. It seemed to offer all of the capabilities that Hazel’s company needed, and boasted of higher performance than similar, competing products. Her company started out of the gates with a test purchase of 40TB of allocated capacity. The migration was efficient, and the results? On par with on-premises at a fraction of the spend. Instead of investing in initial start-up costs—equipment, staff to manage the equipment, leases—Hazel’s company was able to move immediately to the cloud, skirting around the tedious process of procurement an maintenance.  

Excellent SAP Application Performance in ANF

Azure NetApp Files proved itself from the get-go. Hazel felt a burden lifted from her shoulders, the renewed vigor of a job well done. Now, her company was able to achieve levels of efficacy as a result of increased performance speeds. Not only was her company able to push their SAP deployments to the cloud, and to spin up a cloud volume in under a minute (about 10 seconds), but the advantages continued to present themselves in the form of future goals. Benchmarks that once seemed lofty now seemed practical.

Easy Cloud Migration: Achievement Unlocked

Walking in the office after a successful implementation, Hazel felt marvelous. She had earned the praise of her colleagues and supervisors for a job well done—a job that would change the company’s operations for the better. As a result, Hazel has gotten approval to expand their service by 40TB-60TB.

Be the Cloud Hero Your Team Deserves with ANF.

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