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New SAP Certification and Region Availability for Azure NetApp Files

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November 12, 2019

Topics: Azure NetApp Files 2 minute read

Customers have quickly been consuming file services in Azure, following the general availability announcement of Azure NetApp Files in May 2019. Since then, we’ve received excellent feedback and numerous requests for expanded support; as a result, Microsoft and NetApp continue to push the envelope to support more of the applications and regions that customers want. That includes some exciting SAP on Azure news.

Azure NetApp Files is a powerful enterprise files service in Azure that solves a wide breadth of file needs for both Linux and Windows application environments. In November, Microsoft announced that this first-party service now supports NFS v4.1 file environments, opening the door for new applications in Azure.  This effort culminated with the certification of Azure NetApp Files by SAP for SAP HANA production databases, and for the first time in the cloud, customers can deploy M+N scale-out HANA databases in Azure. The performance capabilities, unrivaled in the cloud, met the latency KPIs for HANA production, allowing customers to scale their HANA environments larger than any scale-up platform can achieve.  You can learn more about the certified SAP environments on Azure at the SAP certification site.

On top of this new powerful capability of Azure NetApp Files, Microsoft and NetApp have continued to deploy the service in additional Azure regions, with recent availability in UK West.  Together with the addition of the UK South region in October, UK customers now have two local UK-based regions to support their primary and secondary file application needs in Azure, bringing the total regional availability across the globe to 11 regions.

Keep your eyes open if there is something specific you’re looking for — we’re listening. We’ll continue to ramp up the capability and regional growth of Azure NetApp Files!

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