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NetApp offers an industry-leading, SaaS-based disaster recovery (DRaaS) solution that can significantly lower your costs and reduce complexity. There’s no need to acquire and deploy expensive alternative infrastructure.
BlueXP uses SnapMirror data replication to provide a fully orchestrated failover testing that’s non-disruptive.

The BlueXP disaster recovery advantage:

  • High performance replication with SnapMirror
  • Simplified deployment, replication, and administration
  • More confidence in successful recovery
  • Non-disruptive DR failover/failback testing enables greater preparedness
  • Lower infrastructure costs without the need for a full capacity secondary data center

With BlueXP disaster recovery you can:

Group 170-4

Create a templatized disaster recovery plan for vSphere apps that use NFS data stores in ONTAP

Group 170-3

Replicate vSphere apps and data to a VMware Cloud disaster recovery site in AWS

Group 172-2

Test the failover process without disrupting your production workloads

Group 170-1

Easily perform failover when a disaster occurs

Group 170-Feb-26-2024-07-44-24-6862-PM

Monitor your active disaster recovery operations

Group 172

Perform failback operations post-recovery to the primary site and resume business as usual

Simple and Low Cost

  • The BlueXP control plane gives you an intuitive UI with easy-to-implement templates that simplify your DR plan management.
  • Support for AWS as the DR target avoids the added infrastructure cost of a secondary data center.
  • Highly efficient block-level, incremental-forever NetApp Snapshot™ copies reduce your storage and networking and costs.



Lower Risk

  • Running a VMware environment at the recovery target—same runbooks, same processes—means less disruption when disasters strike.
  • SnapMirror is a proven technology that thousands of NetApp customers trust to provide timely and successful recovery, so you can have confidence in the solution.
  • Testing failover is easy and non-disruptive. That helps you understand how recovery will work in an actual disaster.
VMware​ 5BB

High performance

  • SnapMirror preserves deduplication, compression and compaction storage efficiencies, speeding up the replication process.
  • Snapshot copies are incremental forever. That means there’s no need to create new baseline copies.  Other solutions need to create baseline copies every week, increasing costs and the chance for data loss.
  • Block-level replication updates your DR copy faster since it only updates changed data within 4-kilobyte blocks, not entire files.



“Using NetApp in our Advanced Technology Center, we significantly simplified our replication process for VMware virtual machines and their underlying datastores to meet or exceed recovery benchmarks. With NetApp’s solutions, we successfully established the recovery policies for cloud volumes workloads or virtual machines with no existing DR strategy, managing everything through NetApp BlueXP. This transforms how we operate disaster recovery for VMware.”

Derek ElbertSolutions Architect at WWT


NetApp BlueXP Disaster Recovery Technical Guide by WWT

This technical guide will walk you through the entire protection setup process, showcase how you manage your environment inside BlueXP once set, and then highlight the ease of failover from VMware OnPrem to VMC in AWS.

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