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Enterprises are looking to migrate workloads to AWS, but they don’t want to lose the enterprise-grade data management capabilities they had on-premises, such as reliability, security, performance, and cost efficiency.

BlueXP lets you centrally provision and manage a highly available, performant, and cost-efficient cloud-based storage infrastructure on AWS that enables seamless migration and data protection across your hybrid cloud.


Build your enterprise storage on AWS​

BlueXP offers two different flavors of ONTAP-based storage for AWS. You can choose the flavor that best suits your organization.


Cloud Volumes ONTAP: customer managed service, deployed and operated using BlueXP


FSx for ONTAP: fully managed AWS service, can be deployed and operated using BlueXP and/or AWS management tools


Cloud Volumes ONTAP and FSx for ONTAP are interoperable with each other and with on-premises ONTAP systems, enabling seamless data replication

Move data across on-premises, edge, and AWS ​

BlueXP helps you easily move application and user data between your on-premises, edge, and AWS storage environments.

  • Replicate data from on-premises and edge locations to native or ONTAP-based AWS storage
  • Use ONTAP caching to enable low-latency access to remote data for file consolidation or cloud bursting
  • Free up space on-premises by tiering infrequently used data from ONTAP systems to Amazon S3

Protect data in AWS with enterprise-grade resilience​

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BlueXP protects your data in AWS, making it easier to enforce high availability, business continuity, and enterprise security standards.

  • Create storage with a Single-AZ or Multi-AZ high-availability architecture with automatic failover and failback
  • Back up on-premises ONTAP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP volumes to Amazon S3 with BlueXP backup and recovery
  • Replicate ONTAP volumes across regions and clouds to ensure business continuity in the event of a major outage
  • Enforce enterprise-grade security that includes volume-level encryption, immutable copies, access controls, and ransomware protection

Single- or Multi-AZ HA with automatic failover and failback between nodes


Backup to S3 and replicate data across regions ​


Enforce multi-layered enterprise-grade security

Classify your AWS data for enhanced governance and privacy​

BlueXP lets you scan unstructured data for actionable insights to address compliance requirements, optimize costs, and accelerate migration to AWS.

  • Scan file information and discover personal identifiers within files
  • Organize data based on file information: sensitivity level, owner, permissions, labels, time attributes, and size
  • Copy, move, and delete files to perform clean migration​s to AWS

Lower the total cost of ownership for your AWS workloads ​

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Optimize your ONTAP-based storage consumption and costs without sacrificing on workload performance.

  • Store more data in a smaller storage footprint with thin provisioning and built-in data reduction technologies, such as deduplication and compression
  • Tier infrequently accessed data to object storage for optimal storage utilization and cost reduction
  • Leverage inherently efficient NetApp Snapshot™ copies and cloning features that use minimal capacity and incremental forever block-level replication

More data. Smaller storage footprint​


Tier infrequently-accessed data​


Leverage ONTAP’s efficient data management​