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BlueXP replication utilizes NetApp SnapMirror technology to replicate data between ONTAP-based storage systems. You can replicate data to and from ONTAP on-premises, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. With BlueXP replication, you can create and maintain secondary copies of ONTAP data to support your disaster recovery and backup strategy in hybrid and multicloud environments.

Comprehensive functionality suitable for different use cases

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Establish a geo-redundant copy of your ONTAP volumes or SVMs

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery – maintain a mirror copy of your data that meets your required RPO

Backup and archive

Backup and archive – maintain point-in-time copies of your data for an extended period


Migration – create a mirror copy that stays in sync with the source until cutover

Natively secure and resilient

Replicate data while complying with enterprise security standards and best practices

  • Native ONTAP in-flight encryption set up via Pre-Shared Key (PSK) between the two systems
  • Copied data is immutable until you make it writable and ready to use
  • Replication is self-healing in the event of a transfer failure
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Fast and highly efficient

SnapMirror technology lets you replicate data anywhere across the hybrid multicloud, quickly and with minimal overhead


ONTAP storage efficiencies are preserved over-the-wire and at the destination


Only changed and newly added blocks are replicated to the target system


Data is replicated directly between systems and can be throttled

Simple to operate

Single-pane-of-glass for activating and operating replication relationships across on-premises and public clouds

  • Drag-and-drop activation, simplified workflows, and wizard-guided walkthroughs
  • Failover, failback, and resync with a click of a button
  • Clear visualization of source and destination resources, and their replication status
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