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Moving VMware workloads from on-premises environments to the public cloud, often requires replatforming or rearchitecting applications, while introducing cost and IT operational efficiency challenges.

BlueXP lets you centrally provision and manage a hybrid multicloud storage infrastructure that reduces the total cost of ownership for VMware environments by decoupling storage from compute and enabling seamless migration and data protection across the data estate. 


Configure Hybrid Cloud with FSx for NetApp ONTAP and VMware Cloud on AWS

Seamless migration from on-premises to VMware Cloud on AWS. Learn how to move on-premises VMware datastores and virtual machines to Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.

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Build a unified hybrid multicloud storage infrastructure

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Create and manage all ONTAP-based storage solutions serving your VMware workloads, across on-premises and cloud, through a centralized and unified console

  • Provision and operate cloud-native storage for VMware external supplemental datastores and guest-connected shared storage for VMs
  • Deploy and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP for guest-connected and shared storage for VMs on any cloud
  • Discover and manage on-premises ONTAP clusters, running VMware workloads
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Migrate VMware workloads anywhere

Move VMware datastores, virtual machines, and shared application data across the data estate so you can run VMware workloads the way you want

  • Use end-to-end migration orchestration, to bring VMware datastores and VMs from on-prem ONTAP clusters to the cloud, by leveraging FSx for ONTAP, Azure NetApp Files, and Cloud Volumes Service
  • Replicate guest-connected volumes and shares from on-premises ONTAP clusters to FSx for ONTAP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Copy VMware data residing on NFS and SMB shares to any ONTAP-based storage in the public cloud
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Establish multi-layered data protection

Implement a robust disaster recovery strategy across your VMware environments, ensuring your business-critical applications are rapidly restored in the event of a major outage

  • Get end-to-end disaster recovery orchestration to protect VMware datastores and VMs stored in on-premises ONTAP clusters, leveraging FSx for ONTAP and VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Create secure, cost-efficient, and highly durable remote backups for VMware datastores and guest-connected shares in on-premises ONTAP clusters 
  • Create and maintain DR copies of guest-connected volumes and shares, stored in on-premises ONTAP clusters, on FSx for ONTAP, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP
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Monitor VMware stacks and data

Enable real-time monitoring and analytics for complete visibility into your VMware infrastructure, applications, and data 

  • Get performance metrics and inventory information about your VMware environments, workloads, and ONTAP-based storage 
  • Use dynamic topology and correlation analysis for immediate troubleshooting 
  • Scan and classify VMware datastores and VMs shared storage for enhanced data governance and privacy 
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Optimize your VMware total cost of ownership

Align with application storage and performance requirements, while maintaining VMware best practices and reducing costs


Scale storage as needed without ever needing to increase VMware compute


Optimize storage utilization and reduce costs with thin provisioning, built-in data reduction technologies, and tiering to object storage


Adapt to evolving performance requirements by seamlessly changing service levels