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On demand Webinar

NetApp Predicts: Protect Your SAP Cloud Journey
with Azure NetApp Files

  • Jeff Whitaker
    Host: Jeff Whitaker

    Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing, NetApp

  • Speaker: Bernd Herth

    Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp

There are two major catalysts impacting your SAP environment. This first is the change to SAP and the second is business transformation with the cloud. Both of these catalysts open doors for new architectures and new designs within your SAP business-critical environment.

In this webinar we will be exploring how you can optimize and simplify your SAP cloud journey by understanding how to take advantage of new tools in Microsoft Azure designed specifically for SAP cloud migrations.

The architecture requires shared access to file data in order for the application to run correctly. Azure NetApp Files – a solution developed jointly between NetApp and Microsoft - provides a simple, native service to help accelerate migration while reducing IT risk.


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