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Google Cloud Migration

Google Cloud Case Studies with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Google Cloud is gaining in popularity, attracting more and more users by the day. The platform distinguishes itself among the other public cloud providers with its competitive prices and advanced cloud analytics, making it an appealing choice for many, including giants such as eBay, PayPal, Target, Bloomberg and the New York Times. That being said, preparing workloads for Google Cloud migrations and getting the most out of what Google Cloud has to offer require some careful planning.

Part of the solution is choosing the right tools to help you get to the cloud. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP eases the transition to Google Cloud and helps keep deployments in Google Cloud protected and cost efficient with an array of capabilities such as storage efficiencies, high-availability and replication technology.

In this blog post we examine some noteworthy Cloud Volumes ONTAP on Google Cloud case studies, detailing how three enterprises were able to successfully harness Google Cloud to accelerate their businesses thanks to NetApp.

Google Cloud Customer Success Stories with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is an enterprise-grade storage solution which augments enterprise-grade applications, DevOps operations, file services, and disaster recovery. Based on NetApp’s vast experience, it delivers solutions to enhance performance, dramatically reduce costs, boost security and accelerate cloud migration in Google Cloud, AWS and Azure.  

Let’s dive into some notable Google Cloud case studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Global Healthcare Services and Products Company

Ranking among the top of the Fortune 500 companies, this UK-headquartered global healthcare services company provides tailor-made solutions across the medical industry which connect patients, providers, payers, and other stakeholders to provide integrated care coordination and patient management. With about 50,000 employees in 46 countries, the company serves hospitals, health systems, laboratories, surgery centers, pharmacies, and physician offices around the world.

The company wanted to accelerate its cloud-first strategy and migrate its on-premises legacy systems to the public cloud. For this, the healthcare giant needed a storage platform which enables easy data transfer between on-premises and the public cloud. The solution also needed to accommodate the company’s multicloud approach, which included AWS as well as Google Cloud.

Once the healthcare giant started using Cloud Volumes ONTAP it gained numerous benefits:

Multinational Investment Bank and Financial Services Company

Based in New York City, this American multinational financial company is one of the biggest investment banking enterprises worldwide. It uses its long-standing experience to deliver an extensive portfolio of services including asset management, securities underwriting, prime brokerage, and investment management.

The company has had a strong interest in cloud computing in the last few years. Its mission-critical workloads perform investment an on a regular basis which require considerable compute resources. For this purpose, the company needed a solution that would leverage a large number of computer nodes on Google Cloud.

The company was looking for a highly automatic solution that would require minimal modifications and support its cloud strategy. The company was already using NetApp FlexCache as a central feature of its on-premises NetApp architecture. This technology enables remote caching that simplifies file distribution and helps scale storage performance, among other advantages.

Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the company can now leverage FlexCache in Google Cloud as well, along with experiencing additional benefits:

American Multinational Investment Bank Hedge Fund

This hedge fund division belongs to a multinational investment bank and financial services company which identifies, models, and trades global financial markets by leveraging research, technology, and automation. The division uses cutting-edge technology to formulate risk models for their clients, powered by Google Cloud’s elastic grid computing.

The team wanted to find a way to perform its existing research analysis and simulation processing in Google Cloud. This required mirroring the primary on-premises data in Google Cloud. For elastic scaling and burst consumption they needed an NFS platform on Google Cloud that is scalable, easily managed, and integrates into their existing automation frameworks and processes.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP was the perfect solution to meet their needs and led to some major benefits:


NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP goes hand in hand with Google Cloud’s native storage services to accelerate and optimize Google Cloud backup, migration, operations, and ensure your cloud storage is handled as cost-effectively as possible.

These Google Cloud case studies demonstrate how companies across industries have deployed Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud to successfully tackle a wide range of cloud data storage challenges. Whether its migration, automation, security, file sharing, or high availability, Cloud Volumes ONTAP enhances Google Cloud deployment.

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