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Cloud Backup Case Studies: Six Success Stories of Backup in the Cloud

The ability to recover data from backup is crucial for the sustainability of any business. NetApp Cloud Backup Service enables native backup and restore capabilities for your data stored in the cloud and with on-premises ONTAP systems.

Cloud Backup Service uses block-level incremental-forever backup, which ensures that performance of your workloads is not impacted while enabling protection from data loss. This service is being successfully used by hundreds of organizations to meet their business continuity and backup/restore needs.

This blog will showcase some of these success stories:

Why Cloud Backup Service?

Cloud Backup Service from NetApp provides backup and restore capabilities for data in your Cloud Volumes and on-premises ONTAP clusters. There is a big advantage to using this technology.

First off, traditional file-level backup for data doesn’t preserve the storage efficiency features offered by ONTAP. And such backups also aren’t incremental forever. Cloud Backup Service on the other hand uses block-level storage replication to store backups of your data in cloud-based object storage. This helps preserve storage efficiency and provides an option for incremental-forever updating. The storage footprint remains small and does not consume much bandwidth to transfer the backup copies to the cloud.

Cloud Backup Service also has minimal operational overhead: you can simply set it once and the backups will take place as scheduled, automatically. The backup data remains secure through TLS1.2 HTTPS connections during the transfer to the cloud and is encrypted using AES-265-bit encryption. Single pane visibility, control, and automation for Cloud Backup Service are enabled through NetApp Cloud Manager, which simplifies the entire backup and restore process.

You can learn more about the Cloud Back Service here, but let’s take a look at how this technology is being used right now in several major enterprises today.

How Do You Back Up to the Cloud?: Six Success Stories with Cloud Backup Service

Cloud Backup Service is trusted by organizations in different industry vectors to protect their mission critical data. Let us explore some of these success stories.

CRM SaaS Leader Backs Up VDI and SMB Files on AWS

The world’s leading provider of SaaS-based CRM solutions, ranging from application development to marketing automation and other enterprise-level customer service-focused technologies, helps guide the operations of over 150,000 companies worldwide.

Backup Challenge

The company migrated their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) from their on-premises data centers to AWS leveraging Cloud Volumes ONTAP as the storage platform and NetApp Snapshots for rapid backup and restore. But they also needed a solution for storing their backup data long term in a separate location.

How Cloud Backup Service Helped

The company leveraged Cloud Backup Service to address the long-term backup/restore requirements of the VDI infrastructure. As the service is integrated with Cloud Manager along with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the onboarding process was simple. Using a simple backup policy, they were able to back up the data to S3 storage with a 30-day retention period.

Global Telecommunications and Electronics Company Backs Up Production to Azure

This major, European-headquartered multinational telecommunications, IT, and electronics company has operations in over 100 countries worldwide, employs over 100,000 individuals, and has an annual revenue in excess of €20 billion. Their operations are at the center of developing cellular technology and wireless innovation.

Backup Challenge

This company is an established NetApp user, and one of their major development labs was looking to reduce their data center footprint. Backing up to the cloud was the obvious choice, but the company didn’t want to handle separate cloud VMs or assets. They also wanted a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing ONTAP systems.

How Cloud Backup Service Helped

With Cloud Backup Service, the company now has the capability to back up their on-prem ONTAP clusters directly to cloud object storage. One of the major benefits of this solution is its speed: the company was immediately able to begin backing up their data to Azure as soon as they signed up for the service.

The underlying technology is NetApp technology, so there was absolutely no learning curve for their staff. The service is fully integrated with all of the company’s existing on-prem environments, and easy to use. The backup data is incremental forever and viewable through the Cloud Manager, making it easy for users to navigate through the backed-up data folder structure and restore a single file from any one of the point-in-time NetApp Snapshot™ copies.

And as a fully managed service, Cloud Backup Service won’t require the company to maintain compute for the storage in the cloud—all of that is handled automatically by the service.

The company is expected to back up a total of 400 TB in the cloud. By offloading this data from their on-prem systems, the company expects their on-prem capacity to grow by 185%, cutting CAPEX costs and ensuring ROI.

Worldwide Convenience Store Chain Migrates and Backs Up to Azure

This Cloud Backup Service user is the leading convenience store chain, with operations around the globe. From its headquarters in the US, it operates with a workforce of over 50,000-people strong.

Backup Challenge

The company is working on an “all-cloud by 2024” initiative and an overall consolidation of its IT infrastructure. They had existing investments in Cloud Volumes ONTAP and used it in their initial cloud project to replicate data from on-premises to Azure. More recently, they were looking into decommissioning their on-premises storage system and migrating their primary workloads to Azure. They wanted to ensure resiliency and data protection for their business-critical applications in the cloud.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP fit the bill, as it has all the capabilities the company was looking for their cloud storage solution. It also allowed them to continue using their existing processes and storage automation tools. Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP helped in easy and smooth migration of the data, and the company was eventually able to decommission their on-premises storage thereby reducing their overall CAPEX spending.

How Cloud Backup Service Helped

In addition, the company deployed Cloud Backup Service for their NFS data protection in ​new applications introduced on Azure cloud. Cloud Backup Service was chosen thanks to its easy adaptability, configuration, and integration with existing storage efficiency features.

IT Consulting Company Backs Up VMware Cloud Workload Data

With more than 5000 employees, this research and consulting company advises their enterprise clients by using a range of analytics tools and information technology solutions.

Backup Challenge

The company was already using NetApp storage solutions on-premises and decided to go ahead with Cloud Volumes ONTAP as part of a transition to a hybrid cloud deployment. The company chose to lift and shift their workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS and Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Compared to the native VMC storage, Cloud Volumes ONTAP is more cost effective, more resilient, and provides superior performance and agility for managing unstructured data. It also allows users to scale storage independent of application compute, which helps to optimize the overall cost of the solution.

The company leveraged Cloud Volumes ONTAP for production, DR, and DevOps workloads. SnapMirror® was used to migrate the data along with virtual machines to VMC as part of the cloud adoption. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, they get instant cost-saving Snapshots and FlexClone® copies which are essential for their DevOps environments. The company automated the entire storage management process through Cloud Manager APIs, which helped in enabling a single-click self-service option for its application team users. They also wanted to enable a similar process for backup for the application data on Cloud Volumes ONTAP through existing VMware orchestration tools.

How Cloud Backup Service helped

Cloud Backup Service helped in delivering a simple backup solution integrated with Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Using Cloud Backup Service, the users were able to easily activate backup whenever needed for their volumes using the VMware orchestration tools.

International Music Company Backs Up NFS Files and Kubernetes Clusters on Google Cloud

This music company based in Berlin, Germany has operations throughout western Europe combining the activities of a music publisher and a record label. The company was established in 2008 and grew quickly over the span of a few years, acquiring the music publishing rights for some of the world’s largest musical acts and becoming the single largest publisher of world music globally.

Backup Challenge

Being an international music publisher, the company had products for managing and delivering audio and video content to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) such as Spotify, iTunes and Netflix. As part of their digital transformation, they decided to move these applications from on-premises datacenter to cloud. They also required a data management platform that is robust and flexible to support their applications and decided to use Cloud Volumes ONTAP on Google Cloud for the same.

While providing NFS support for VMs and Kubernetes clusters where the applications were hosted, Cloud Volumes ONTAP ensured storage efficiency through NetApp proprietary features like data compression and deduplication. Further cost reductions were enabled through tiering of data to object storage. The volume-level encryption offered by Cloud Volumes ONTAP provided an additional layer of security over Google Cloud’s disk-level encryption. The company also leveraged NetApp Global File Cache along with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for their SMB file server consolidation. They were also looking for a backup solution to take care of all the application data hosted on Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

How Cloud Backup Service Helped

The company leveraged Cloud Backup Service to back up Cloud Volumes ONTAP data to Google Cloud Storage. NetApp Cloud Manager worked as a single management pane for Cloud Volumes ONTAP and the backup and it was easy to start using the service, define backup policies, and automate the process. By utilizing storage efficiencies, cross-region replication, NFS and SMB Caching, data encryption, enterprise governance, and multi-tenancy, they benefit from a wealth of unique innovative advantages that NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP delivers to its customers. Adding Cloud Backup Service to the mix provided the data protection capabilities for their business-critical applications.

e-Commerce SaaS Developer Meets Strict Backup Policies on AWS

This software company offers a SaaS solution focused on ecommerce customer experience and engagement. Hundreds of companies in verticals as diverse as hi-tech, healthcare, finance, and more use this SaaS as a central part of their businesses.

Backup Challenge

To achieve more flexibility, this company decided to move their application to AWS and integrated Cloud Volumes ONTAP as the storage layer for their SaaS solutions. Resiliency was a key requirement from the company’s clients, so Cloud Volumes ONTAP was used to set up a highly available architecture across AWS Availability Zones for their production environments. They also used a single node Cloud Volumes ONTAP for cross-region disaster recovery.

The company also needed a way to rapidly restore files in the event of data corruption or file deletion. But the native backup solutions and third-party solutions that had been considered were less efficient, too expensive, or not secure enough by their requirements.

How Cloud Backup Service Helped

To solve this problem, the company turned to Cloud Backup Service, which was able to meet their strict internal policies for data management. The data was backed up to a separate AWS account that helped meet their security requirements to protect data in the event of an account compromise. The block-level incremental-forever backup feature helped in achieving the storage efficiency the company was looking for. On top of that, easy integration with Cloud Manager made the adoption process very easy.


If you’re an existing Cloud Volumes ONTAP customer, Cloud Backup Service offers the easiest way to backup and protect your critical line of business application data. It integrates with the existing ONTAP ecosystem and offers the simplest onboarding and configuration experience through Cloud Manager. With the automated and incremental backup approach, you can set it up and forget about it. Rest assured that data will remain protected.

To know more about the service read here why Cloud Backup Service is the best solution for your ONTAP data backup and watch this free webinar on Cloud Backup Service.New call-to-action

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