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Astra Trident Is Now Available as
an EKS Add-On

Users running Amazon EKS deployments now have an easier way to set up NetApp’s CSI provisioner, Astra Trident. Now you can install Astra Trident as an EKS add-on via the EKS console.

Let’s check out what this new availability is going to let you do.

Background Info

Before we dive into the release details, here’s a little background on what we’re talking about.

What is Astra Trident?

Astra Trident is NetApp-created CSI-specification-compliant storage orchestrator for persistent storage on Kubernetes. It works with NetApp’s ONTAP-based storage solutions, and it’s compatible with the managed Kubernetes service, Amazon EKS.

Astra Trident works by automatically responding to persistent volume claims on Kubernetes, triggering the associated NetApp storage service to create the required volumes. On AWS, Astra Trident works seamlessly with EKS deployments leveraging NetApp ONTAP capabilities for persistent storage.

What Are EKS Add-Ons?

Add-on software gives an application more capabilities, and the same is true with EKS add-ons. The AWS Marketplace hosts a number of verified and compatible third-party add-ons that can provide operational capabilities for EKS that aren’t available out of the box.

What you can be sure of when you install these add-ons via the AWS Marketplace is that they’re all AWS compliant and have up-to-date security patches, and tested to work properly with your underlying EKS deployment. Astra Trident is joining this select group of EKS add-ons.

Astra Trident as an EKS Add-On

With this new functionality, users are able to download Astra Trident directly from the AWS Marketplace via the EKS console.

This makes it easier to deploy and integrate Astra Trident as part of the EKS deployment Wizard. With this improvement, Trident is now built-in to the EKS deployment workflow, instead of relying on users to install it manually.

End of story: it’s going to make using EKS with NetApp ONTAP a whole lot easier.

How to Install the Astra Trident Add-On

Let’s take a high-level view of how you can deploy Astra Trident via the EKS console.

In the EKS console, scroll down to the Add-ons section. Here you’ll see any add-ons you already have installed. Click the “Get more add-ons” button.

In the Select add-ons screen, scroll down to the section for AWS Marketplace add-ons. Here you can either search for “NetApp” or “Astra Trident” in the search field or use the filtering option for vendors and select “NetApp” from the list. Astra Trident will be presented in the results below using either method. Click next to continue.

FSxN 32.2 alt-1

The EKS setup wizard will walk you through a few configuration options and ask you to accept the terms. Once you’re through with that, click the “Create” button and the installation will commence. It will just take a few seconds.

When you return to the EKS page screen, scroll down to the Add-ons section and you’ll see the Astra Trident add-on listed with its status marked as Active.

Check It Out

For EKS users who are leveraging Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, this new way to incorporate Astra Trident will make your setup process much easier.

Ready to get started? Head over to the Amazon EKS console and scroll down to the Add-ons section to install the add-on.

Happy provisioning!

Yuval Kalderon, Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud Solution Architect