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NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP allows you to deploy storage in the public cloud, leveraging native cloud infrastructure. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can build storage for mission-critical applications, databases, containers, and user files on the cloud of your choice, while leveraging NetApp’s enterprise-grade technology that provides security, resilience, high availability, and cost-performance.

Storage for any business workload

Create cloud storage tailored to meet the specific requirements of your workloads

  • Enforce your data security requirements with additional cyber-resilience tools
  • Define your storage availability level with single node, single-zone high availability (HA), or multi-zone HA deployments
  • Set your storage performance and costs by selecting the underlying cloud infrastructure resources
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Uniform experience on any cloud

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Manage data storage the same way anywhere, with full interoperability between environments

  • Get the same storage architecture and capabilities across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Move data effortlessly between on-premises and cloud environments
  • Get full visibility and control over multicloud storage environments via a single console
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Inherent resilience and security


High availability across zones to ensure data access and business continuity


Enterprise-grade snapshots, replication and backups, that meet the strictest organizational policies


Multi-layered cyber-threat protection 

Optimized for cost-efficiency

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Reduce your data footprint and optimize storage usage without sacrificing performance


Built-in storage efficiencies make your data more lightweight


Storage tiering automatically moves infrequently-accessed data to low-cost object storage


Snapshots, cloning, caching, and replication with minimal capacity increase

“…As an existing NetApp on premises ONTAP customer, NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP was the natural choice that provides us with the portability and mobility, capabilities to run our K8s applications On-premises and in Google Cloud, leveraging the same workflows and automations…”

Anthony LloydVP Technology Services at OpenText


Siemens Healthineers puts cloud at the heart of a global strategy

“The beauty is you don’t need to have a special skill managing Cloud Volumes ONTAP because you have an existing team who can handle the same stuff in the cloud.”

Santhanakannan Ramasamy
IT Strategy and Digitalization Solution Architect, Siemens Healthineers

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