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Kubernetes is the most widely-used containerization platform. When using it at enterprise scale, workload demands will often present challenges for your storage layer and applications. These include managing complexity, controlling costs, moving data across environments, keeping this data protected, and gaining visibility into cluster performance and availability.

BlueXP delivers self-managing and self-healing storage for Kubernetes, while automating the mobilization, protection, and the monitoring of your persistent data for any environment, any Kubernetes platform and any application. 

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Webinar Series

Kubernetes Storage Master Class

Watch a series of webinars by industry experts covering Kubernetes storage, data protection, cost savings, and how to successfully run stateful apps and microservices on public clouds.

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Kubernetes Storage Master Class

Create storage for persistent volumes

BlueXP allows you to run your stateful Kubernetes applications without having to worry about the storage layer. Get scalable persistent storage for your Kubernetes applications that’s highly available, resilient, performant, and cost-effective


Highly-available file and block storage for Kubernetes persistent volumes in cloud and on-premises


Built-in CSI functions including snapshots, clones, volume expansion, and topology awareness


Cost reduction with thin provisioning, storage deduplication, compression, and tiering of cold data to cost effective block storage

Mobilize your entire Kubernetes application and data stack

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BlueXP provides your Kubernetes workloads with data mobility, giving you the flexibility to relocate stateful applications as needed 


Migrate on-premises Kubernetes applications and data to cloud


Move Kubernetes applications and data across namespaces, clusters, and clouds


Burst applications to the cloud for increased processing power

Protect your Kubernetes applications and data

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BlueXP delivers application-aware protection for stateful applications and their data

  • Schedule local and remote backups for Kubernetes applications and data
  • Encrypt persistent volumes at rest and data in transit with self-managed keys
  • Cross-region replication for backup and disaster recovery
  • Automatically identify and fix security vulnerabilities, detect ransomware, and recover from attacks

Get insights into your Kubernetes stack

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BlueXP gives you extensive monitoring features for your Kubernetes deployments that enable better performance, availability, and compliance

  • Extensive view of all your Kubernetes cluster, nodes, pods, and namespaces metrics
  • Topology mapping for Kubernetes clusters enables nonexperts to easily identify and troubleshoot issues
  • Discover and profile your Kubernetes data for enhanced governance and privacy
Coming soon in BlueXP 2

Astra - Application data protection, mobility and storage for cloud native applications

NetApp’s Astra simplifies how you protect, move and store your Kubernetes workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

  • Application-aware data protection with snapshots
  • Disaster recovery with remote backups
  • Application mobility for dev-test, migration, and upgrades with instant active clones
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