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ic_astra_familyAstra – Protect, move and store your Kubernetes persistent data

Application data protection, mobility and storage for cloud native applications

Astra simplifies how you protect, move and store your Kubernetes workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Astra enables teams to focus on delivering cloud-native applications with full confidence in their data infrastructure. Astra helps you prevent application downtime and data loss, reduce time-consuming operations and scales to fit your needs.

Astra includes:

Astra Control: Application-aware data protection and mobility for Kubernetes, available both as a fully managed service and self-manage software.

Astra Trident:
Data connectivity to persistent data stores for Kubernetes applications.

Storage Platforms:
CVS for Google Cloud Platform, Google Persistent Disk, ANF, Azure Disk Storage, CVO, FSx and ONTAP.

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Astra Products
  • Astra_Control_logo

    Astra Control

    Astra Control offers stateful Kubernetes workloads a rich set of storage and application-aware data protection and mobility services powered by NetApp’s trusted data protection technology.

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  • ic_astra_trident

    Astra Trident

    Astra Trident provides orchestration and data connectivity for Kubernetes applications. It is a Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver and is deployed as a free open source offering from NetApp.

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  • logo-cvo-1

    Cloud Volumes Platform and ONTAP

    Persistent storage for data-rich Kubernetes workloads with CVS for Google Cloud Platform, Google Persistent Disk, ANF, Azure Disk Storage, and ONTAP

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Use cases
  • ic_copy-1

    Data protection with snapshots

    With Astra you can take application-aware snapshots for local data protection. If you accidentally delete or corrupt your data, you can revert your applications and associated data to a previously recorded snapshot within the same Kubernetes cluster.

  • ic_restore-3

    Disaster recovery with remote backups

    With Astra you can take a full application-aware backup of your application and state which can be used to restore your application with its data to a different Kubernetes cluster in the same or a different region addressing your DR use-cases.

  • ic-settings

    Application mobility for dev-test, migration, and upgrades with instant active clones

    With Astra you can move an entire application along with its data from one Kubernetes cluster to another, no matter where the clusters are located.

Analyst Report from Evaluator Group

Evaluator Group found significant TCO advantages for Astra Control with 2X-3X cost savings through:

  • Data Protection with Less Management: One Astra Control instance to manage data protection across Kubernetes clusters, Central management of application snapshots and backups.
  • Enterprise Level Data Protection with automatic discovery of new applications and data protection policies that put things on autopilot.
  • Simplified Application Protection and Recovery that can be operated by developers and administrator through an easy-to-use interface and API.
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  • Flexible deployment model​

    Available as both a fully managed service or as self-managed on-premises software, Astra Control offers on-demand access that scales from the smallest applications to the largest enterprise workloads. Astra Control provides data portability with your choice of Kubernetes.

  • NetApp proven and trusted data protection technology

    Entrusted by the Fortune 1000 and leading cloud providers for mission critical data availability, performance and security, based on NetApp’s 25 years of data protection technology.

  • Rich set of application-aware data management services

    Easily backup and restore stateful Kubernetes applications. Migrate applications across clusters and clouds and create working application clones.

  • Automatic backups and storage class setup​

    Tailored backups, app-consistent snapshots, and data encryption based on your desired protection configuration.

  • Consistent UI for application data management

    Unified console for data management operations and catalogue of any application running on any Kubernetes cluster.

  • Data protection management

    Clear visualization of data protection status, activity logs, and simple data protection management.

Pricing plans

  • Free plan

    Everything you need to get your team up and running.

    10 namespaces limit

  • Premium plan


    per minute per managed namespace

    Unlimited namespaces

  • Premium subscription

  • Software Subscription