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Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP Customer Success Stories

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP (FSx for ONTAP) provides NetApp’s ONTAP features in a fully managed, high-performance shared file and block storage service native to AWS. It’s how NetApp has joined the extensive AWS FSx family.

FSx for ONTAP is designed to provide enterprise-grade storage capabilities coupled with high performance, simple data migration, and high availability while eliminating the need for customers to manage the underlying infrastructure. FSx for ONTAP helps enterprises move data to and from AWS more quickly and easily, while also providing a cost-effective data storage solution.

In this post, we’ll cover how different organizations used Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP to help with data migration, decrease costs, and secure their data.

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NSW eHealth Relies on FSx for ONTAP for Seamless Migration

NSW (New South Wales) eHealth is an Australian government organization responsible for providing ICT-led healthcare services. NSW eHealth was set to migrate key workloads and 1.3 PB of data but was concerned about the complexity of the migration process and wanted to avoid making d changes to existing applications.

As a long-standing customer, NSW eHealth turned to NetApp for help and opted for FSx for ONTAP.

The client saw several advantages to using a NetApp-based cloud solution:

  • FSx for ONTAP worked seamlessly with its existing on-premises NetApp ONTAP system and offered a simple migration process.
  • NSW eHealth was already familiar with ONTAP features, so working with FSx for ONTAP didn’t come with a steep learning curve for its teams.
  • NSW eHealth used SnapMirror® to migrate SMB volumes directly to AWS from ONTAP on-prem storage without compromising existing applications.
  • FSx for ONTAP’s multi-AZ high availability architecture ensures business continuity with automatic failover and failback.
  • Automatic cold data tiering to lower-cost object storage significantly reduces storage costs.

Read more about NSW eHealth’s journey with FSx for ONTAP here.

FSx for ONTAP Supports Kerry Logistics With Supply Chain Solutions

Kerry Logistics is a Hong Kong-based global company that handles a range of supply chain solutions including logistics for industrial projects, international shipping, cross-border e-commerce, and more.

Facing on-prem storage constraints, the company decided to move its data centers to AWS, where it needed an agile, flexible solution that could offer multi-protocol file access and resiliency. The company chose FSx for ONTAP.

Read more about Kerry Logistics’ success with FSx for ONTAP here.

FSx for ONTAP Helps an Electronics Software Developer Adopt Cloud-First Strategy

This subsidiary of a major manufacturer creates electronics software for fields such as electric power, public transportation, car electronics, and more. The company was using HPE Nimble systems, but after changing its strategy to a cloud-first approach, it needed a solution to migrate on-premises workloads to AWS seamlessly.

The company decided to go with FSx for ONTAP since it allowed them to migrate to AWS while maintaining performance levels and keeping costs low. Additional benefits included:

  • ONTAP’s storage efficiencies and data tiering capabilities provided cost benefits for migrating data to AWS.
  • Compute and storage infrastructure resources maintained high performance levels that matched the existing on-prem system.
  • FSx for ONTAP provided access to ONTAP’s enterprise-grade data management and data protection features, fully-managed and natively on AWS.
  • Flexible hybrid cloud model and NetApp SnapMirror data replication allow the company to deploy on-prem or in the cloud.

A Major Airline Maintains High Performance Using FSx for ONTAP

This major US airline operates over 5,000 daily flights serving 325 destinations. As the company’s needs shifted due to the pandemic, it expanded operations to the public cloud to become more efficient and access AI tools. Another challenge was related to the company’s IBM MQ-based reservation system that was straining to keep up with the growing stream of online booking requests. The company tested FSx for ONTAP alongside competitor offerings.

FSx for ONTAP was able to process messages at a rate nearly 17 times faster than the competition, making the company’s choice clear. There were several other performance factors that impacted the decision, including:

  • FSx for ONTAP allowed the company to dramatically improve response time and user experience for its IBM MQ-based reservation system.
  • 99.99% uptime and automatic failover met the company’s strict availability requirements.
  • Cost-saving opportunities thanks to automatic cold data tiering, storage efficiencies, and consumption-based pricing.
  • Scalability that could match the needs of an enterprise-scale data estate.
  • Ease of use that doesn’t require any major management or maintenance.

A Healthcare Service Provider Reaches DR Site Goals Using FSx for ONTAP

This company is a healthcare service provider that runs multiple hospitals, healthcare clinics, and home health agencies in the Caribbeans. To align with the 3-2-1 data protection strategy, the company turned to AWS to create a disaster recovery (DR) environment.

The company’s goal to have an offsite data copy synced every 15 minutes couldn’t be accomplished with the first solution that was tried. Turning to FSx for ONTAP, the company was able to meet its RPO (recovery point objective) and more:

  • The company was able to run all its workloads and DR environment on one platform, which enabled a simpler single management environment.
  • FSx for ONTAP’s storage efficiencies and tiering capabilities for DR resulted in an overall TCO reduction.
  • FSx for ONTAP’s high-performance ensures optimal continuity should a disaster ever require the DR site to function as the main production environment.
  • FlexClone writable data clone copies are used to run validation tests without disrupting the DR site’s operations.

FSx for ONTAP Secures This Aerospace Company’s Highly Sensitive Data

This company is a leading US aerospace and security company. The bulk of its business is with the U.S. Department of Defense, meaning that tight data security is of the utmost importance. This company’s adoption of FSx for ONTAP began when the company ran into a roadblock trying to expand its IT infrastructure to cloud storage using cloud-native storage services.

Being an ONTAP user, the company turned to NetApp for assistance with its enterprise-level security standards. Using FSx for ONTAP and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for its shared file services, the company was able to reap a number of benefits:

FSx for ONTAP Helps Leading Travel Supplier to Migrate TBs of Data

This leading online consumer travel supplier with multiple subsidiaries was looking to migrate its mission-critical apps from on-prem Dell EMC Isilon storage to AWS. With two on-prem data centers located in the US and Europe, the company had 90 TB of data to migrate, including unstructured data and branch office file shares.

The company ultimately chose FSx for ONTAP for its unique features:

  • Enterprise-grade native file services on AWS.
  • Block-level incremental forever backups using NetApp Snapshot technology.
  • Global file sharing for distributed workforce by using NetApp Global File Cache (GFC). GFC provides efficient and global access to centralized data, allowing users to access and collaborate on files from distributed office locations.
  • Automatic tiering of infrequently-used data to low-cost object storage without affecting performance, which reduced cloud costs.


Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides an unparalleled file and block storage service experience, giving users a more robust, flexible, and cost-efficient option for native AWS storage. With features from NetApp ONTAP, FSx for ONTAP helps migrate data more seamlessly while guaranteeing high efficiency.

As we’ve seen in these stories, using FSx for ONTAP has made it possible for these enterprises to meet their storage goals, reduce costs, create dependable backup and DR systems, and provide enterprise-level security standards to keep that data safe.

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Oded Berman, Product Evangelist

Product Evangelist