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NetApp achieves AWS Outposts Ready designation

Today we are excited to announce that NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® and Ocean from Spot by NetApp have achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts Ready designation, as part of the AWS Service Ready Program. This is a notable development for NetApp and AWS customers who now have access to enterprise-grade file storage and compute optimization in their own local AWS cloud for workloads that require on-premises performance and availability.

With both NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Spot Ocean qualified for local AWS Outposts environment, you can make applications and cloud infrastructures work together seamlessly. The result: improved performance, increased agility, and simplified infrastructure that reduce costs in your AWS Outposts environment.

This designation recognizes that Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Ocean integrate harmoniously with AWS Outposts deployments. By implementing local AWS Outposts environments with the enterprise-grade file storage services from Cloud Volumes ONTAP and the modern CloudOps scaling services of Spot Ocean, you can get the most out of your applications and cloud infrastructures. 

A truly consistent hybrid experience

To support the seamless integration and deployment of AWS Outposts Ready solutions, AWS established the AWS Outposts Ready Program to help you identify products integrated with AWS Outposts and spend less time evaluating new tools, and more time scaling your use of products that are integrated with AWS Outpost deployments.

Achieving the AWS Outposts Ready designation elevates NetApp as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with the introduction of a fully tested and unified storage service on AWS Outposts. AWS Outposts Ready products are generally available and supported for AWS customers and provide clear deployment documentation for AWS Outposts deployments. AWS Service Ready Partners have demonstrated success building products integrated with AWS services, helping you evaluate and use your technology productively, at scale, and at varying levels of complexity.

With this AWS Outposts Ready designation, enterprise customers encouraged to use Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Spot Ocean concurrently to dramatically improve on premises enterprise applications needing to meet low latency requirements. You can also use Cloud Volumes ONTAP to process and manage data locally and comply with data privacy and compliance requirements. In discussing these advantages, Joshua Burgin, General Manager, AWS Outposts, Amazon Web Services, Inc. commented,

“Customers are looking for better ways to store and manage their data across the enterprise as part of a comprehensive digitization initiative. “With NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS Outposts, customers can benefit from a comprehensive data management solution for any application in their environment, on AWS Outposts, or in AWS Regions, for a truly consistent hybrid experience.”

Enterprise reliability, enterprise performance

NetApp has a qualified storage service deployed on AWS Outposts able to run file shares and block-level storage serving NAS and SAN protocols (NFS, SMB, iSCSI). With AWS Outposts, you can extend your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) on premises and run AWS services locally using the same AWS APIs and security controls to run your applications on premises just as in the cloud.

Every company is at a different stage on its journey to the cloud, but where they are in that journey varies greatly in how their demands vary across company size, geography, and industry. In today’s world of artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics, your enterprise needs all the data-crunching capacity it can get. With AWS-native features on premises, you can build and run modern, secure application-driven cloud workloads. Anthony Lye, senior vice president and general manager of Public Cloud Services at NetApp, has described the AWS Outposts Ready designation as,

“This AWS Outposts Ready designation is a testament to the strategic relationship expansion between NetApp and AWS. As part of their cloud first initiative, enterprise customers continue to see NetApp as a leading solution platform for hybrid cloud solutions. With powerful NetApp enterprise data services and solutions for both Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Spot Ocean tightly integrated into AWS Outposts, organizations can achieve the performance and functionality needed to support the most intensive workloads, and immediately drive innovation across on-premises and public cloud environments.”

Bring the cloud to your workload

AWS has effectively positioned AWS Outposts to bring the public cloud home by combining NetApp industry-leading unified storage services and AWS industry-leading cloud infrastructure into a consistent and seamless hybrid cloud on premises Cloud Volumes ONTAP uses AWS Outposts to unlock the best of cloud, addressing low-latency application needs and local data processing requirements across a broad range of workloads, including:

  • Databases: requiring minimal delay in writing and retrieving data
  • Financial services: executing banking, payment processing, and risk management services at low latency
  • Windows file shares: achieving highly scalable, highly available, and high-performing SMB shares
  • High-performance computing: processing, storing, and analyzing data with lightning-fast file services
  • Manufacturing automation: running manufacturing execution systems (MES) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems close to the factory floor
  • Media and entertainment: accessing GPU innovations on premises for graphics processing, rendering, and real-time streaming
  • Retail: enabling retail innovations, in-store experiences, and running point-of-sale systems locally
  • Telecommunications: updating and orchestrating at scale to manage virtual network function (VNF) lifecycles
  • Healthcare: retrieving medical information rapidly while applying low-latency analytics and machine learning

AWS Outposts are connected to your nearest AWS Region, providing the same management and control plane services on premises. Getting started with AWS Outposts is simple: You order AWS Outposts capacity, and AWS personnel deliver and install the AWS Outpost rack in your facility. You can then launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and deploy applications to your AWS Outpost. Your AWS Outposts infrastructure and AWS services are managed, monitored, and updated by AWS just like in the cloud.

Contact us here if you want to see how get enterprise-grade storage capabilities to build and run on-premises AWS infrastructure and services for low latency access of local resources. Our team is available to help you start your journey to a truly consistent hybrid cloud experience with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS Outposts.

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