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DevWeek Hackathon: Hackers Innovate with Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud) on AWS

March 15, 2017

Topics: 3 minute read

NetApp was a featured sponsor once again for the DevWeek Hackathon, the signature kick-off event for the DeveloperWeek 2017 conference in San Francisco.

As the nation’s largest challenge-driven hackathon, DevWeek provides sponsors the opportunity to post challenges for architects, developers and DevOps practitioners to develop solutions and compete for prizes.

NetApp’s Hackathon Challenge built upon last years’ Challenge by introducing new API services integration as well as data persistence through the NetApp Docker Volume Plugin. 

NetApp’s Hackathon Challenge

NetApp asked Hackathon teams to innovate and enhance their unique application or DevOps environment using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Specifically, the teams competed to develop solutions showcasing innovative use of NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP for data management and data services in AWS including REST API services for automation, integration with Docker, S3 integration and other NetApp capabilities. 

The NetApp judging and technical team interacted with many developers over the course of the weekend and were delighted with the number of hackathon entries: over 21 teams utilized NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP in their solutions. The competition was fierce!

The NetApp Challenge winner, Honeydew, presented a unique and robust DevOps environment to accelerate application development. They demonstrated effective use of NetApp’s data management and data services features by integrating Docker containers to increase agility for developers for CI/CD.

The second and third place winners, “Internet of Gardens” and “CitySnap” respectively, created applications which utilized Cloud Volumes ONTAP to enhance the scalability, resiliency and data control of their application.

Meet NetApp's Hackathon Challenge Winners 

First Place: Honeydew

Honeydew first place team.jpgCreated by: De Lin Hoo, Wong Kok Woo (Louis,) Jeremy Hon Guang Yu, Lee Shea Yin (Jaslyn,) and Shaun Thium (pictured right)

Project Description: Honeydew increases agility for developers by providing a custom DevOps environment to accelerate application development.

Honeydew’s effective use of NetApp’s Data Management features such as Snapshot, application workspace and data set cloning—integrated with Docker containers, delivered near-zero real time workspace and data replication for users.

What we liked about the Honeydew project:

  • Increased agility for developers for CI/CD
  • Encapsulated Docker into a command line tool integrated with NetApp’s REST APIs
  • Effective use of NetApp’s data management and data services features for automation and developer productivity   

Honeydew Conceptual Architectural Diagram

Honeydew conceptual arch diag capture.png



Second Place: Internet of Gardens

Second place Internet of Gardens team.jpgCreated by: Peter Ma, Amir Youssefi, Yang-Cheng Fan, Brian Cottrell, Adarsh Uppula and Phil Li (pictured right)

Project Description: Internet of Gardens is an IoT application which collects real-time data from plants, soil and the environment through sensors to provide rich data analytics.

Data from different streams (video streams, analytical data and IoT data) is integrated and scaled using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP technology for geo-dispersed processing providing actionable farm operations.

The application dynamically gathers data to improve growing results and reduce expenses, bringing enhanced economic value to farms.

What we liked about the Internet of Gardens project: 

  • Real-world IoT application creating immediate business value
  • Data integration and scaling across multiple geographies
  • Data framework for collecting and implementing rich data analytics

Internet of Gardens Conceptual Architectural Diagram

Internet of Gardens arch diagram.jpg


Third Place: CitySnap

Third Place CitySnap team.jpgCreated by: Neil Pomerleau and Jameela Huq (pictured right)

Project Description: CitySnap empowers residents to send geo-location photos to report problems and improve city services.

Reports of damaged infrastructure, for example, are sent from an iOS application and received in real-time on the CitySnap web portal using PubNub services for data streaming. The data is persisted using NetApp storage with database snapshots instantly mounted via API calls to Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

The application provides for inspection of the data set with updates monitored over time to dynamically report and demonstrate problem resolution.

CitySnap laptop screen capture.jpg

What we liked about the CitySnap project:

  • Created an application for real-time interaction to improve community services
  • Utilized a rich set of NetApp’s ONTAP data management services

Integration with PubNub services:
APIs for developers building secure real-time mobile, web, and IoT applications 


Many thanks to all of the architects, designers, developers and DevOps engineers who competed on the NetApp Challenge, and congratulations to our Challenge winners!

We hope to see you at the API: World Hackathon in September 2017. Until then, keep on creating and coding.

Want to get started? Try out Cloud Volumes ONTAP today with a 30-day free trial.   

Cloud Evangelism Team, NetApp Inc.