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[Video Blog] Data Cloning Made Easy: Creating Clone Storage Volumes with NetApp FlexClone

In this vlog we’re going to show you how easy cloud data cloning is using NetApp FlexClone® technology. This feature of Cloud Volumes ONTAP allows you to create clones of your cloud storage volumes instantly, with no impact on your overall storage space.What makes this kind of data cloning important? DevOps engineers are required to automate the creation of temporary working environments for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes in order to speed up the development cycle and support application development, integration and testing. But such large amounts of data can be challenging to work with. Copying the data can take too long and be very expensive, plus such copies don’t scale when multiple environments are required at the same time. It is also important to have the data copies up-to-date and current after production releases and when running integration test suites.

NetApp’s solution cuts through the complexity and speeds up your development cycle and TTM. Data environments can be provisioned instantly using FlexClone®, the advanced data cloning technology that comes built-in with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp’s data management platform for AWS or Azure.

Using FlexClone, storage volumes of any size can be cloned to form the basis of multiple, independent, writable copies of the same data, instantly, and without consuming space. Clones are actually based on snapshots of the source volume, which determine the point-in-time for which the clone was created. Cloning can be managed, automated, and integrated into DevOps workflows by using both the Cloud Manager interface and RESTful API.

To find out more about using NetApp FlexClone, this blog details how clones are provisioned in detail and in this post you’ll see how cloning can help Kubernetes deployments.

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Aviv Degani, Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp

Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp