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The Bring Your Own Bucket Option on BlueXP Backup and Recovery

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, BlueXP backup and recovery has given users the flexibility to create backup copies in their preferred object storage system. Now it adds a new feature: the ability to use an existing storage bucket as the target for backup data.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this new bring-your-own-bucket feature and see what it can add to your backup solution.

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What Is the Bring Your Own Bucket Model?

Bring Your Own Bucket (BYOB) is a model that adds flexibility to the traditional cloud storage solutions. As a conceptual extension of Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS), BYOB allows clients to employ their own storage buckets for cloud data storage.

The BYOB model seamlessly integrates with existing cloud infrastructures using APIs, enabling you to leverage your own bucket in the cloud. This alignment not only simplifies data management but also may help to bridge consistency gaps between primary and secondary data.

You also achieve streamlined data transfer between your on-premises systems and your own storage buckets in the cloud while negating the need for intermediary storage and reducing data latency. To achieve this, a BYOB model helps with the following:

  • Provides a direct route for data transfer, bypassing intermediary storage steps often seen in automatically allocated bucket services
  • Allows for the selection of storage buckets in close proximity to on-premises systems, thereby reducing latency due to shorter data travel distances
  • Enables the optimization of data transfer protocols based on specific network conditions and performance needs
  • Ensures quicker data availability by eliminating the need for data movement to intermediary storage before it reaches the final destination

Why Choose BYOB Over Traditional Cloud Storage Offerings? 

The answer is threefold: cost savings, security, and performance. BYOB lets you unlock substantial cost savings by utilizing your existing cloud storage contracts and subsequently minimizing expenses on third-party storage solutions.

On the security front, data stored in client-controlled buckets reduces exposure to third-party risks. Besides controlling where and how your data is stored, you can also implement your own encryption methods.

As for performance, BYOB's seamless integration with existing systems ensures high efficiency by allowing storage administrators to choose hardware and software suited for high performance storage requirements, such as SSDs, high-speed disks, and advanced caching solutions.

Bring Your Own Bucket Comes to BlueXP Backup and Recovery

Originally, NetApp's BlueXP backup and recovery took an automated approach, where an object storage bucket was automatically created at the customers’ cloud provider account as part of the backup activation workflow.

Now, with the recently announced support for BYOB in BlueXP backup and recovery, users can back up their data to any bucket created externally from BlueXP. This shift from automated to manual bucket selection allows users to manage your data storage with greater precision.

Activating this feature is straightforward. A new UI-based activation wizard guides you through the process, allowing you to choose between creating a new bucket or choosing an existing storage bucket. You can input API details of existing cloud storage buckets into the wizard, establishing a secure connection between BlueXP and the chosen bucket.


Defining your backup strategy in the BlueXP backup and recovery interface.

Why Use BYOB with BlueXP Backup and Recovery?

If you already have preexisting storage buckets to use, there are a number of advantages in using them as your backup targets.

Leveraging BYOB with BlueXP backup and recovery grants finer control and customizability by allowing users to utilize existing cloud storage infrastructure and giving the ability to precisely manage data storage locations and configurations.

  • Getting the most from existing resources: Whether you’re using AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, ONTAP S3 or on-premises NetApp StorageGRID®, the BYOB feature allows you to utilize existing buckets for backup targets. This seamless integration not only slashes hardware costs but also accelerates data transfer, supports data interoperability, and helps avoid vendor lock-in.
  • More control: The feature also enables greater control over data access by enabling clients to use their own access controls, lifecycle management policies, and encryption keys. This allows storage administrators to customize backup configurations for enhanced security and other specific requirements.
  • A new tool for your compliance efforts: BYOB with BlueXP can be useful in meeting regulatory compliance goals. With data sovereignty and residency regulations varying across regions, the ability to select your own storage buckets means you can ensure your data is stored in compliance with any applicable laws.
    This is achieved by either leveraging geo-replication features of your cloud storage provider or by choosing a bucket of your choice to ensure data is stored only in specific, compliant locations. As a result, you decide where your data resides, effectively navigating the complexities of global data compliance.

Don’t Lose Your Buckets, Use Them

Leveraging the BYOB storage model through BlueXP backup and recovery empowers enterprises with greater control over customization and safeguarding critical data backup and recovery operations.

Besides capitalizing on the geo-replication features with your preferred cloud storage provider, the new BYOB feature integrates with BlueXP backup and recovery's native automation capabilities to ensure periodic backups, minimizing data loss during a recovery event.

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