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Kubernetes Data Management

Announcing our latest addition to Astra: Astra Trident

At NetApp, our primary goal has always been to answer business-critical questions raised by our customers running Kubernetes applications in production. As you would have guessed, Kubernetes is not a one-size-fits-all and requires careful evaluation and architectural planning. No two environments are alike. At the same time, there are certain base requirements that are essential for stateful production workloads:

  • Access to reliable, on-demand persistent storage.
  • Comprehensive feature set that empowers Kubernetes users to achieve more with storage than just provisioning/deprovisioning.
  • Application consistency, when backing up and migrating entire workloads.
  • Data and application mobility, to exploit the true potential of a hybrid multi-cloud strategy.

As a leader in data management, NetApp understands the challenges that are unique to Kubernetes deployments. Customers today require products that are purpose-built for Kubernetes and a portfolio that addresses the requirements described above. For effectively supporting production-grade Kubernetes applications, a suite of storage and data management solutions should be provided such that:

  • Users can flexibly choose what they want, without worrying about compatibility.
  • Users can consume multiple constituents, should priorities change.

Say hello to Astra Trident

With these goals in mind, we are excited to announce Trident’s addition to the Astra portfolio. Say hello to Astra Trident. As a foundational pillar of NetApp’s Kubernetes offerings, Astra Trident has been instrumental in providing a path forward for Kubernetes adopters and pioneers alike. After 44 releases and multiple CSI-compliant storage drivers, Trident has an established track record and is trusted by industry leading enterprise customers across multiple verticals. Our commitment to building a community-driven quality open-source product is stronger than ever. This change solidifies NetApp’s mission to make Astra the place to be for all things Kubernetes storage and data; Trident brings success and versatility to the Astra portfolio, making for a perfect union.

Users can continue to download and use Astra Trident the same way. Our latest release, v21.07.0, is now available to download from the GitHub repository. To learn more about everything that is new, be sure to check out the release blog hosted on

Senior Director of Product Management