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Kubernetes Storage

Kubernetes Storage Master Class: A Free Webinar Series by NetApp

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Kubernetes master class webinar series. This is the perfect chance for us to share our in-depth knowledge on managing stateful applications with Kubernetes storage in the cloud.

This four-episode webinar series featuring high-level insights from industry experts is meant to deepen your Kubernetes knowledge and skills.

In this webinar series, we’ll go over Kubernetes storage, cost-saving opportunities, data protection, and other topics related to the challenges of running Kubernetes-based microservices and stateful apps in the public cloud. By the end of the series, you’ll understand the main challenges with Kubernetes stateful applications, and how Cloud Volumes ONTAP help to address them.

Keep reading to get a better overview of what to expect in each episode of our Kubernetes master class, or use the links to jump down to the sections on:

Episode 1: A View from the Crow’s Nest

In the first episode of our series, we’ll begin to familiarize you with the basics of running stateful applications with Kubernetes. You will learn about different types of Kubernetes applications, the challenges with persistent storage, backend storage operations, dynamic storage provisioning, and the container storage interface (CSI).

Episode 2: Knowing the Ropes

Now that you’re more comfortable with the fundamentals of Kubernetes, we’ll take a look at how you can use ONTAP to tackle the challenges of stateful Kubernetes applications head-on. We’ll discuss how you can create persistent volumes using Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the benefits of ONTAP for Kubernetes, architecture and resource orchestration, as well as drivers, storage class, and backend storage pools. This episode also includes a live demo.

Episode 3: Avoid Sailing Close to the Wind

In this part, you’ll learn about different ways you can protect your Kubernetes data by integrating NetApp backups, Snapshot™ copies, disaster recovery, and high availability into your Kubernetes cloud architecture. Some of the topics we’ll cover include high availability storage architecture, data resilience for stateful applications, disaster recovery across regions, and finally, Kubernetes Snapshot copies and FlexClone® data clones. This episode will also include a live demo of the topics we cover.

Episode 4: Run a Tight Ship

In the fourth and final episode in this series, you’re ready to set sail into deeper waters. This expert-level class will teach you how to run your data infrastructure smoothly, showing you how to apply proactive monitoring, analytics, and resource management to your Kubernetes deployment. We’ll teach you how to expand and import data volumes, control storage resource quotas, monitor your storage using the Prometheus monitoring system, and how to use prescriptive analytics.

Ready to Become a Master of Kubernetes?

Our Kubernetes master class webinar covers everything you need to prepare you for stateful Kubernetes applications. At the end of this course, you should have a much deeper understanding of Kubernetes architecture and how to get more from it with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Register for the Kubernetes Master Class today.

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Yifat Perry, Technical Content Manager

Technical Content Manager