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HPC on Azure

Cloud Architects: Supercharge Your HPC Workloads in Azure

November 13, 2019

Topics: Azure NetApp Files 2 minute read

Innovation is often met with resistance. But true pioneers push forward despite all adversity, and when they achieve their goal—well, they keep on pushing. Here's an example of that with HPC workloads on Azure.

Sally, the top Cloud Architect at a global electronic automation design leader, had been steadily moving up the chain of command. Just last month, her manager had created a brand-new initiative for their data storage team. The plan was to migrate their entire infrastructure from on-premises storage to the cloud. A tall order. Sally had the skills and a strong team, but she knew she’d have her hands full, given the very niche nature of her company’s products and its intricate organizational structure and network of customers.

Rapid EDA Compilation is Key to Efficient Design Rollout

The company’s on-premises environment was efficient. Nobody in her office really believed that the cloud could replicate the performance of their data center. Innovation was meeting with resistance. Sally started to get nervous: She would need to find a cloud, and then a cloud service, that could facilitate the rapid compilation of electronic design automation (EDA) creations for their clients. The time to compile an EDA product feeds directly into the speed of the company’s design rollout.

So, in Sally’s estimation, time was the main variable she needed to consider when researching cloud options.

Save the Day with ANF for Your HPC Workloads

When looking at all the cloud options, you might experience analysis paralysis. The search can feel endless. Sally, on the other hand, had a vastly different experience. Every product that she looked at lacked the speed she desperately needed. After window shopping for a while, Sally eventually found a product that met her criteria in Azure.

But Azure alone did not have every feature she was looking for. Looking into the portfolio to add solutions she tried out Azure NetApp Files (ANF). ANF was shaping up to fit her framework and fast, too. ANF was the only offering in the Azure storage portfolio that allowed Sally to match her on-premises completion time.

Sally had done it. She found her cloud solution in ANF. And the best part? She gained praise from her manager and colleagues, recognition of the struggle to find a new cloud infrastructure for her company. Sally was able, with ANF, to match her company’s on-premises output level.

When you need to move to the cloud, ANF is there to enable your goals. ANF saves you time, money, and stress. The collaboration between Azure and NetApp is one for the history books.

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