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September Releases Vlog: The Latest and Greatest BlueXP Console Updates and More

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September 20, 2022

Topics: Advanced7 minute readBlueXP Console

Once again, summer has drawn to an end, and while many people are slowly getting back into the swing of things after a vacation, we’re not slowing down on NetApp updates! We’ve added new features for greater support in BlueXP Console, Cloud Backup, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, Cloud Data Sense, and more.

Keep reading to discover what new NetApp features you can expect to see this month, or watch our latest vlog for a quick overview of our September updates.


Jump down to find out what’s new with each product:

BlueXP Console Updates

This September, we added some additional support to BlueXP Console to help manage storage and services. Here’s what was updated:

  • Support for E-Series and StorageGRID®.
    You can also manage E-Series and StorageGRID arrays in BlueXP Console in addition to the existing capability to manage different storage endpoints—including AFF or FAS systems on-premises, Cloud Volumes ONTAP across hyperscalers, Kubernetes, or cloud-native object storage.
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities.
    BlueXP Console’s drag-and-drop functionality isn’t just for data replication. This functionality extends to other user actions, including creating cloud backup copies, tiering storage, installing Trident, and initiating Cloud Sync transfers.

New Cloud Backup Features

Cloud Backup also has a new feature this month, one that builds off of the object lock support features introduced in the previous release.

  • Object lock support is now available for StorageGRID and dark site deployment.
    Initiate backups by dragging and dropping into StorageGRID and selecting from one of the different options on the DataLock policy screen to set your preferred level of protection.
    Check out our blog post Cloud Backup DataLock: A New Way to Immutable Backup Data for more information.

What’s New in FSx for ONTAP

We’ve added options that will help you lower your TCO and also expand support options with this month’s new FSx for ONTAP updates:

  • New external NFS data stores for VMware Cloud on AWS using FSx for ONTAP.
    VMware Cloud on AWS users who need a lot of computer power and less storage capacity or vice versa, now can have it both ways thanks to FSx for ONTAP. You can provision external NFS data stores for VMware Cloud through FSx for ONTAP. This change can help you control your specific storage needs, move workloads, and reduce your TCO.

    For more on reducing VMware Cloud on AWS costs with NetApp ONTAP technology, check out this post on a company that saved millions on VMWare Cloud on AWS.

Data Sense Updates

This month’s final update comes from Data Sense. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Now you can scan SharePoint on-premises.
    The latest updates will allow you to start scanning SharePoint on-premises using Data Sense.

BlueXP Console offers a comprehensive way to control and access your data all in one place. Gain access to all these new features and more by signing up for BlueXP Console today.

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Aviv Degani, Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp

Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp