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June Releases Vlog: What’s New in BlueXP Console, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, and Cloud Backup

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There are a host of new features in NetApp BlueXP Console, Cloud Backup, and Cloud Tiering, as well as a new update for Cloud Volumes ONTAP that provides expanded functionality.

This month, we’ve focused a lot of our features on adding new capabilities that make it more intuitive to recognize cost-saving opportunities while optimizing, simplifying, and further securing important functionalities like backups, authorizations, and data protection. Check out our June updates vlog and read on below for more details on what’s new.

Watch our June updates vlog for an overview of new features.


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BlueXP Console Updates

There are new updates to BlueXP Console’s features that can help you use the tool more efficiently while also cutting down on costs, including

  • System Manager is now a part of BlueXP Console. That means you no longer need to switch between BlueXP Console and System Manager for advanced configurations, and you can operate everything from a single pane.
  • The BlueXP Console Recommendation Engine is live. With this feature, you’ll get integrated notifications via BlueXP Console’s top menu bar with recommendations of ways to optimize your drive usage in order to save on cost.
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Cloud Backup Updates

The new additions to Cloud Backup make it easier for you to integrate files from different cloud service providers and offer simpler backup options for even easier protection. New features include:

  • File restore from everywhere. Now, you can restore your files from Google Cloud and StorageGRID® in addition to restoring from AWS and Azure. By taking containers running on the Cloud Restore instance and consolidating them with the BlueXP Console Connector, we made it even easier to run file restores from everywhere.
  • Activate backups with a drag and drop. With a straightforward drag-and-drop function in BlueXP Console, backing up your data is easier than ever.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Updates (9.11.1 Release)

With the new 9.11.1 release for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, there are a number of new and exciting features that make storing and protecting your data more efficient and secure. Let’s have a look.

  • Inline storage efficiencies: Get better savings while improving performance.
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) and object lock: Protect objects when using Cloud Backup by locking StorageGrid® or public cloud objects to secure them against errors or rogue admins.
  • ElasticVolume for Cloud Volumes ONTAP on AWS: Now you can easily increase capacity by changing the disk size rather than adding a disk, eliminating the need for moving volumes and maintenance.
  • Multi-admin verify: Block any actions until two admins approve them, adding an extra safety layer.
  • Fighting ransomware autonomously: Through advanced machine learning algorithms, ONTAP can now detect anomalies in your data patterns and take a snapshot in the event it detects ransomware.
  • ONTAP S3 for Cloud Volumes ONTAP on AWS: Cloud Volumes ONTAP can now run and support the S3 Protocol in addition to SMB, NFS, iSCSI as a unified storage solution across multiple hyperscalers.
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA for AWS on shared VPC deployment: Now you can get the highest levels of availability, ensuring business continuity when running Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS in shared VPC deployments.
  • Newly added regions: Jakarta for AWS, Milan for CVO HA on GCP, and Brazil Southeast for Azure.
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Cloud Tiering Updates

A couple of new additions to Cloud Tiering provide added capabilities and efficiencies, expanding support and optimizing savings opportunities. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Instant Retrieval: With this new archive tier on AWS, you can further optimize your storage costs.
  • TCO Calculator: We’ve added a new TCO calculator to help you calculate your savings.

BlueXP Console is doing more than ever. For all these new features and a lot more, get started today.

Aviv Degani, Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp

Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp