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July Releases Vlog: The Latest and Greatest BlueXP Console Updates and More

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July saw some exciting new and updated features in BlueXP Console along with some added functionality for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Tiering, Data Sense, and new support for dark site deployment options.

The added and upgraded capabilities in BlueXP Console and in other products are going to make them easier to use and more accessible for NetApp customers. For a roundup of all of NetApp’s new features this month, keep reading or watch the vlog below.

Watch our July updates vlog for an overview of new Cloud Backup features and more.

Jump down with these links to find out what’s new with:

BlueXP Console Updates

There are new aesthetic updates to BlueXP Console as well as some new features that make it simpler and safer to use:

  • BlueXP Console got a facelift.
    BlueXP Console’s navigation menu bar has been moved from the top pane to the left side of the interface. This means you’re able to access more services from a single pane of glass.

  • The Timeline is now available in Settings.
    The Timeline, where admins get visibility into user actions, has been moved to the Settings option.

  • Email alerting is now available.
    It’s now possible to get notifications directly sent to your email inbox or external users. To set up your preferences for email notifications, go to the bell icon in the BlueXP Console menu.

  • Improved login authentication.
    Now, your NetApp Support Site (NSS) login will work to log in to BlueXP Console or any other NetApp cloud service.
    You can still manage login authentication and identity-federate the authentication based on your needs using different identification protocols.

What’s New in Cloud Volumes ONTAP

This month introduces more capabilities for Cloud Volumes ONTAP users:

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP Optimize is here.
    Cloud Volumes ONTAP Optimize is a new Cloud Volumes ONTAP package that’s been optimized for tier two (T2) workload applications in Azure. If your company doesn’t have a lot of performance requirements but has a lot of capacity, then this type of package will be the most cost efficient for you.

    Not sure if the T1 or T2 version is right for your deployment? Watch the vlog for a more detailed breakdown on the differences between the T1 and T2 options.

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.11.1 is now GA.
    It’s now ready to be installed across all of your different clusters and is available in more regions than ever before, including Azure West 3 region, GCP Madrid, Paris, Warsaw, and Zurich.

Dark Site Support

In addition to the standard SaaS deployment, BlueXP Console is now available for local deployment in a dark site environment, without any connectivity.

Dark site deployment is when you operate in a closed environment without any internet connection. Certain industries require the highest security precaution, and a dark site environment gives them a way to do that. Among other things, this means local authentication, internal permissions, and self-maintenance of the environment updates and upgrades.

Cloud Backup and Data Sense are both available using dark site mode. This includes performing Cloud Backup’s single-file restores.

Watch the vlog for more details about using the dark site deployment option.

Cloud Tiering Updates

Cloud Tiering also has some updates this month. Here’s a look at what’s changed:

  • Cloud Tiering now supports third-party object storage.
    Cloud Tiering will tier data from your system to any S3-compatible object storage, providing users with the ability to optimize storage costs.

What’s Updated in Data Sense

July also had an update for Data Sense in order to allow you to better govern your data. Here’s what changed:

  • New clean migration option added.
    Get complete visibility into what your data contains and clean it up before moving it to a cloud environment. In this update, you can clean and move up to 100,000 files in a single batch.

  • NTFS permissions are viewable on a per-folder basis.
    With this update, you can now move the permission layer granularity from just files to files and directories. This allows you to see into a specific directory to understand if there’s sensitive information contained there or check its permissions.

Getting control of your data and accessing it all in a clear overview is easier than ever with BlueXP Console. Sign up today to take advantage of all these new features and more.

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Aviv Degani, Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp

Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp