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AWS Cost Saving Guidebook Shows How You Can Optimize EBS Costs

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NetApp has a new guidebook that shows how deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP with your AWS EBS deployment contributes to AWS cost optimization, leading to significant AWS cost savings. 

How is it possible? You can download the full guidebook here to get all the details, or read on first to get a better idea of why thousands of enterprises already use Cloud Volumes ONTAP on AWS.

Optimize Your AWS Costs, Basically for Free

Because Amazon EBS is a highly performant storage service, EBS pricing can be very high. For enterprises, these costs can be a strain on any cloud-based activity. In this guidebook you’ll find out exactly how Cloud Volumes ONTAP’s storage efficiency features can lead to significant AWS cost savings, reducing your expenses by around 70%. 

How does it work? With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Amazon EBS costs are reduced through features that run transparently in the background:

  • Deduplication: Eliminates the space consumed for storing duplicates of the same data blocks so you don’t pay twice or more for the same data.
  • Compression: Compresses data blocks efficiently, reducing their space.
  • Compaction: Further reduces space by combining small data chunks to 4 KB blocks.
  • Thin Provisioning: Allocates Amazon EBS disk space only when it is needed, so you don’t pay for unused disk space.
  • Data Tiering: Automatically store cold data on less-expensive, lower-throughput Amazon S3 object storage until it’s needed on EBS.
  • NetApp Snapshot™ Copies: Space-efficient point-in-time volume snapshots that reduce backup and recovery costs.
  • Data clones: Instantly create zero-capacity writable clones that only consume space for changes made to the clone.

The combined effects of these features will lower your total footprint, plus lower your overall network and AWS data transfer costs. Using the Cloud Volumes ONTAP AWS cost savings calculator it’s easy to see how much these benefits can save you.

For example, if you’re deploying with 100 TB of EBS storage you’ll wind up saving around $200,000 per year which is 77% less than running natively on AWS.

And these savings grow as you store more. For example, if you’re using 500 TB of EBS storage you’ll save a huge $900,000 per year which is 87% less than running natively on AWS, as you can see below.

Calculate AWS Costs with Cloud Volumes ONTAPCloud Volumes ONTAP storage efficiencies at work.

The annual savings in either case total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once you store 10 TB, you’re basically not paying for Cloud Volumes ONTAP at all, and your costs for EBS drop drastically.

Download the Guidebook Now to See How

AWS pricing determines a large part of your IT spend. NetApp can help lower those overall costs so that your cloud deployment is easier to manage and even more beneficial to your organization. See the savings for yourself by using the Cloud Volumes ONTAP AWS TCO calculator and how other enterprises are saving on AWS deployment right now.

Cloud Volumes ONTTAP customer case studies - Storage Efficiencies and Data TieringCloud Volumes ONTAP customer case studies.

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