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High performance computing (HPC) environments are the perfect workloads to benefit from the flexibility of the Azure cloud. But to get workloads like Oil and Gas, Genomic sequencing, and Electronic Design Automation (Semiconductor design) applications to perform in the cloud, the data that these environments utilize must have the speed to keep up with compute and the resilience and availability to ensure that these critical workloads can get up and running and processed quickly.

Azure NetApp Files gets you the capacity and performance you need, when you need it.

Explore the resources below to learn how your HPC workloads can benefit from a large-scale shared access, highly available service, with unprecedented cloud performance and more:

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HPC File Services on Azure NetApp Files

Optimize HPC on Azure

Optimize HPC on Azure

Moving high-performance computing workloads to the cloud can be a time-consuming and often impossible process due to the cloud data infrastructure capabilities not meeting the application requirements. Azure NetApp Files–a native Microsoft Azure service–enables you to move workloads to the cloud at great scale and speed to ensure maximum commercial value and faster time to market.

Key Solutions:

  • Unprecedented Cloud Performance: The Azure NetApp Files performance operates at sub-millisecond latencies, which is unprecedented across any cloud file service. This enables companies to move and operate their performance hungry HPC workloads in the cloud as if those applications were on-premises.
  • Large-Scale Shared Access: Azure NetApp Files offers wide-scale access to both Linux and Windows file shares so highly parallelized HPC architectures can grow their compute node count and effectively reduce computational time.
  • Simple & Easy Scalability: Adjust the capacity and performance of a given volume to expand and contract on-demand within the Azure portal.

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Oil, Gas, and Energy Sector: How to Manage Applications Quickly and Affordably in Azure

Oil, Gas, and Energy Sector: How to Manage HPC Applications Quickly and Affordably in Azure

Why is Azure NetApp Files a game changer for the energy sector? It has been estimated that an oil company could spend 3-10 years using the current exploration technology at a cost of 1-2 billion dollars of risk before the first well is drilled. But by moving your HPC workloads to the cloud, you can cut that time by 33-66%.   

Because of the greater flexibility and its ability to reduce cost, many traditional oil, gas, and energy companies are moving to and innovating in the cloud. Built for speed and agility, Azure NetApp Files delivers performance and faster access to cloud-based data, resulting in lower risk, and less time and money for these companies.  

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High Performance Computing on Azure: Hear What Customers Say

Cloud adoption and Azure’s HPC capabilities massively improved the operations of one of the largest energy companies in the world by transforming on-premises applications into accessible cloud applications.

Azure NetApp Files was a lifesaver here. We have seen amazing performance increases. For simulations that took over a month to run, now are taking a few hours.”
– Digital Transformation Engineer E&P, Repsol


Managing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Workflows in Azure

Managing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Workflows in Azure

For Electronic Design Automation (Semiconductor design) applications like Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Synopsys, the reliance on file data performance is a key component to the speed of development and test (simulation) runs. How fast simulations complete has a direct impact on how quickly your development teams get chips designed and the less time–and money–you spend on the costly application licenses.

Simple Solutions for EDA Workloads

Get Your Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

Get Your Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

High performance computing environments need high-speed storage performance, faster access to cloud-based data, and lower cost and resource demands.

Azure NetApp Files is a first-party Azure service, so you get best-in-class service performance (throughput and latency) delivered and supported directly through Microsoft. Plus, you consume it from the Azure portal – no extra licenses to worry about.

NetApp brings decades of experience ensuring even the most critical applications always have access to their data. With Azure NetApp Files, you can be confident that the service will be available when your HPC applications require it most.

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