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Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud): The CTO’s Problem Solver

February 22, 2017

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Executive decision-making, especially in the world of IT, always seems to be a process of ratcheting upward as if climbing a mountain.

We’ve all seen those pictures or videos of daredevils just connected to a sheer face of granite or ice by a set of simple ropes. By using some innovative knots, carabiners and a few specialized devices, they’re able to step upward into a loop, bear down and lift their weight into an improvised step.

Then they ratchet another loop higher and repeat the step with the other foot. Gradually they haul themselves skyward.

It’s all a bit angina-producing for those of us who get sweaty palms just looking out the windows of buildings, but apparently not for technical leaders who do the equivalent job every day.

A CTO, for example, has to use the knowledge of yesterday’s solutions and processes, today’s technology and resources, and this year’s corporate plans to ratchet forward and provide solutions in the future.

The process of evaluating what’s on the table now, gathering relevant data, and assessing where this all will lead in the face of uncertain markets – that’s where the art and science of the job all come in. And where there may be more than a few sweaty palms.

Landing on the Right Trusted Cloud Solution

Moving to a trusted cloud solution via a hyperscaler, whether for disaster recovery, development / testing, or simply to keep backup copies, is a necessary step for most companies at this point in time.

Some groups within your company are probably already shuttling data back and forth to AWS or Azure or another provider, effectively using this new resource as an extension of your IT shop.

Congratulations, you’ve just shifted your weight and taken a step upward. The problem comes when you look back down again.

Why Bridging the Gap to the Cloud Requires Expertise

Requirements for Cloud ComputingSee, your company needs enterprise-quality gear, enterprise-quality software, and the expertise to use it.

And that need doesn’t magically go away when you use the cloud.

No, you need a bridge – the same enterprise-class technology running at the hyperscalers as you run in your data center.

Your software might be the same, but what about your storage?

The Ultimate CTO Problem Solver

Enter NetApp's Cloud Volumes ONTAP — a trusted cloud solution for nearly 25 years. It is the most complete, fully-functional and scalable storage platform in the world. And now it runs inside hyperscalers as a pay-as-you-go storage service.

Get the enterprise-class storage reliability, multiprotocol services, and all the efficiencies of Snapshots, SnapMirror replication, deduplication, thin provisioning, and much, much more.

It’s the same ONTAP you run onsite, just more portable, more easily deployable, more cloudlike.

  • Expand into that elastic cloud space—when and how you want.
  • Replicate from onsite to your hyperscalers with ease.
  • Make those clones at AWS or Azure the same way you would in your data center, with the same reliability, enterprise features and space-saving efficiencies you’ve always had.

And that’s a way to step up and solve your problems all in one go.  

Want to get started? Try out Cloud Volumes ONTAP today with a 30-day free trial.

Deputy CTO – Americas South Region