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The Importance of Enterprise Cloud Storage Features

NetApp ONTAP® software is a known and trusted cloud storage solution for a reason: it has been tested for many years by thousands of companies, from the smallest to the very largest, in truly enterprise production environments.

New file systems are always tricky because a bug can corrupt or destroy data stored on them. Fear of data loss is one reason storage solutions, especially cloud storage solutions, have historically been a very conservative field.

Cloud Storage Solutions: Importance of Enterprise Features 

Because enterprise customers need enterprise features, ONTAP Cloud provides them. Features such as data deduplication, at-rest encryption, and site-to-site mirroring bring peace of mind, while cloning and multiprotocol support enhances usability.

Cloud storage vendors are rapidly adding new features, but it will take years for them to catch up to existing enterprise cloud storage solutions such as NetApp technology.

Cloud Storage Solution


One critical aspect of using known and trusted cloud storage solutions is that they already work with existing systems.

Imagine having to replace Microsoft Active Directory and SCOM, simply because Windows Servers were now virtual instead of physical devices.

ONTAP has evolved alongside open systems servers for 2 decades - something no cloud storage solution can boast. 


Introducing a Trusted Cloud Storage Solution

Can you continue to benefit from the trusted ONTAP software even on the cloud? Yes. NetApp ONTAP Cloud uses the same trusted ONTAP software, running virtually on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or AWS Cloud.

NetApp ONTAP Cloud brings the benefits of an enterprise storage array to the cloud while making it easier to use the cloud in an enterprise manner. This means that all ONTAP features found in physical NetApp arrays have been brought to the public cloud with some additional benefits.

ONTAP Cloud 
creates a virtual NetApp storage array, running on cloud infrastructure, with all of the trusted features found in the data center. Virtual compute instances can be activated in the cloud alongside this new cloud storage solution, acting as a bridge for applications but also enabling cloud benefits.

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