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Bringing Cloud Independence to Your Business Continuity Solutions

December 15, 2016

Topics: Cloud Volumes ONTAP 1 minute read

The usage-based model or business continuity solution of cloud computing is well suited for Disaster Recovery and it offers a viable alternative to on-premise solutions.

Moving Disaster Recovery operations to the cloud reduces the required data center space and storage infrastructure, resulting in increased cost savings and flexibility.

Webcast: Achieve Cost Savings & Flexibility with Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Public cloud providers such as Amazon or Azure offer a convenient platform for organizations who are looking for a business continuity solution when shifting their Disaster Recovery operations to the cloud.

5 Key Elements to Successful DR Operations in the Cloud 

  1. Data Mobility
    Efficiently replicate data to and from the cloud or between AWS/Azure regions. (check out NetApp ‘s SnapMirror® technology)

  2. Ease of Deployment
    Leverage an intuitive, user-friendly interface to deploy new cloud DR targets and get up and running in minutes.

  3. Control
    IT can now retain the same level of control and security they require on premises, only now in the cloud as well

  4. Optimization
    The ability to provision, configure, and control cloud storage efficiently for additional use once it’s in the cloud

  5. Cost Efficiency
    Attain flexibility and cost savings by paying for your DR operations only when you need them. Since this is the public cloud, turn things off when you don’t need them

Organizations can now leverage the public cloud efficiently for disaster recovery operations without sacrificing enterprise-class reliability.

NetApp's Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud) business continuity solution enables enterprises to collect data from a range of platforms and transfer it seamlessly to their public cloud disaster recovery environment.

This service also provides an easy-to-deploy solution that helps replicate data easily to your cloud DR site, and facilitates quick fail over to cloud sites when outages occur.

Want to get started? Try out Cloud Volumes ONTAP today with a 30-day free trial.