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Azure NetApp Files Expands into US West and Australia SE

We are delighted to announce that Azure NetApp Files is now available in two more Azure data centers, US West and Australia SE. This important milestone answers high demand for enterprise-class cloud file storage in two key areas of the world.

US West

Azure NetApp Files has opened in one of the most prominent and high-demand regions, US West. It may have taken some time to arrive, but we have the space and we’re live! It required our teams to dig deep, and now you can access enterprise-class file storage in the region.

Australia SE

Continuing our growth into APAC, Azure NetApp Files is also available in Australia SE, bringing the total to two live Azure data centers within Australia’s borders. Over the next few weeks, other new data centers will come online. Stay tuned for our next round of announcements or register for the service today.

How Can Azure NetApp Files Benefit my Organization?

Azure NetApp Files is a powerful file storage service that can run your most demanding workloads in Azure, without the need for code modification or refactoring. It’s an Azure service, built on NetApp® ONTAP technology, and is sold and supported by Microsoft. It takes only a few minutes to set up, and supports both Linux and Windows applications. We’re currently the service of choice for some of the most demanding HPC workloads in the business, and we see ourselves as a strong pillar, built to support the most throughput-intensive workloads. Whether it’s performance or capacity you need, Azure NetApp Files enables innovation through its on-premises-like experience. Much like any other Azure native service, Azure NetApp Files can be provisioned and consumed against your existing Azure agreement(s) without the need for any term commitments.

If you’d like to see us in action, learn how global multi-energy company Repsol ramped up its operations using Azure NetApp Files with bare metal-like performance.

Code, Eat, Sleep, Repeat: How Azure NetApp Files Responds to Industry Demands

There is a growing need for enterprise capabilities in the cloud. Many industries, including EDA, oil & gas, and SAP HANA, are locked on premises because most clouds cannot support their performance and latency requirements. Our new regions and certifications offer these companies a path forward. Instead of atrophying in a never-ending cycle of expensive hardware upgrades that don’t provide the agility of the cloud, they’re able to grow by accessing our data centers—which now include Australia SE and US West.

Here are a few of the trends we’ve seen in just the past two months:

  • Using Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure NetApp Files, more than 40 universities have been able to offer remote capabilities for research and collaboration, as well as virtualized learning, in response to the need to work from home.
  • Pent-up demand for moving SAP HANA production workloads to the cloud means that deployment to Azure accelerated with the recent announcement of Azure NetApp Files’ SAP HANA certification. This critical milestone is key for organizations with a cloud-first mandate for their enterprise.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with high-performance applications have discovered a competitive differentiator in Azure NetApp Files. Jedox, an Enterprise Performance Management software company has begun the migration of over 2,500 enterprise customers onto Azure NetApp Files.

Azure NetApp Files allows you to move applications to Azure and embrace extreme file throughput and sub-millisecond response times. With three service levels you can change rapidly, you’ll always get the performance that’s best suited to each of your applications (not just HPC, although you’ll love these performance numbers).

How are Customers Responding to Azure NetApp Files?

“When your job is modeling and analytics on very large data sets, it’s impossible to deliver excellent service to your customers without a high-speed cloud environment available on demand. With Azure NetApp Files, we are driving a premium cloud experience for our customers and prospects. Azure NetApp Files is simple to use, secure, and very, very fast—it's the whole package."

--  Vladislav Malicevic, Vice President of Development, Cloud Operations and Support, Jedox

Up and Running in Australia SE and US West—In No Time

Getting started is easy. Check out this short 30 second video and register today to try the service for yourself.




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