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Organizations look to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to improve security, control, and increase productivity all while simplifying desktop operations.And the cloud is a perfect fit to reduce costs and the burden of virtual desktops while providing the flexibility to grow and shrink dynamically to enable true digital workspace transformation.

A new service from Microsoft called Azure NetApp Files helps organizations reduce their risk utilizing virtual desktops in Azure without experiencing performance degradation.

Azure NetApp Files’ highly available architecture offers a secure data environment to ensure customers have data always available to keep their operations on track–especially for those critical profile containers. On top of this, the unprecedented performance enables customers to achieve performance in Azure typically only seen in the data center to address business-critical needs from anywhere, any device, and at any time.

Explore the resources below to learn how your virtual desktop environments can benefit from a comprehensive file share service that’s highly available and offers unprecedented cloud performance:

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Out-Perform On-Premises Virtual Environments

Out-Perform On-Premises Virtual Environments

Organizations making the move to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to enable a more manageable and secure application environment for their mobile workforce need to know about Microsoft’s new service, Azure NetApp Files.

Why? Because Azure NetApp Files can reduce their virtual desktop deployment time in Azure by up to 69%.

Enhance your virtual desktop capabilities and simplify your cloud migration with:

  • The ability to create highly resilient virtual environments in Azure in just minutes.
  • Right-size your infrastructure with on-demand performance level changes so you only pay for what you need.
  • The only high-performance data service that is optimized for rich, business-critical datasets.
  • Active Directory Support for improved access control and faster migration to the cloud.
  • A 99% uptime guarantee right out of the box so you can substantially lower the business risk associated with downtime.

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Lower TCO with No Performance Degradation

Azure NetApp Files places cost control directly in the administrator’s hands. Not only does this Microsoft-native tool help organizations move to virtual desktops in Azure without experiencing any performance degradation, but administrators can adjust storage-spend on the fly according to performance needs at that time.

This can be done directly through the Azure Portal or programmatically via AzureCLI, Powershell or RestAPI.

Plus, Azure NetApp Files offers enterprise shared file services that allow you to deploy Windows (SMB) file shares directly onto your private VNET (no public IP addresses), which are perfect for your FSLogix profile containers and shared files for WVD and Citrix.

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Business Continuity: Deploy Highly Secure Virtual Desktops Quickly and Securely

Business Continuity: Deploy Highly Secure Virtual Desktops Quickly and Securely

When unexpected circumstances arise, you have to respond by mobilizing to support your remote employees—all while preparing for what comes next.

If 5,000 spare bedrooms just became your office, Azure NetApp Files can help enable business continuity and progress during disruptive times and beyond with scalable, long-term solutions.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure NetApp Files can help organizations rapidly virtualize all of the applications across their enterprise to support a remote workforce without sacrificing quality, security, or performance.

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Ramp Up End-User Experience and Security

Ramp Up End-User Experience and Security

Wondering about best practices for deploying highly available, scalable and performant Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environments? Would you believe that you can get this from storage that also natively supports Active Directory and NTFS permissions?

We have you covered.

Click below for how-to videos or a step-by-step guide for using Microsoft’s newest storage offering, Azure NetApp Files, to create FSLogix profile containers so you can quickly provision enterprise-grade SMB volumes for WVD environments, resulting in a boost in performance and security.

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Azure NetApp Files Pricing for Virtual Desktops

Azure NetApp Files Pricing for Virtual Desktops

Azure NetApp Files has three service levels, so users can choose the performance that best matches their virtual desktop application requirements. Unlike any other cloud storage, Azure NetApp Files reduces customers’ risk by offering on-demand performance changes without requiring a time-consuming data copy.

With three service levels, you can fine-tune your data performance to the needs of your applications and adjust performance on the fly. Performance for each volume scales with the amount of allocated capacity, so performance can be dialed up and down simply by over-provisioning capacity.

Azure NetApp Files is charged per hour based on provisioned capacity. Customers can provision a minimum of 4TiB and grow provisioned capacity in the increments of 1TiB up to 500TiB. Individual volumes can be created from 100GB to 100TB.

Get Your VDI and Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

Get Your VDI and Azure NetApp Files Questions Answered

Azure NetApp Files is an Azure-native service built on highly available NetApp technology directly within Microsoft Azure data centers. Because it’s a first-party Azure service, you get best-in-class service performance (throughput and latency) delivered and supported directly through Microsoft. Plus, you consume it from the Azure portal–no extra licenses to worry about.

Azure NetApp Files works hand-in-hand with the leading providers of virtual desktop software like Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to help organizations enhance their virtual desktop capabilities.

Want to see it for yourself? Schedule a 1-on-1 demo with an Azure NetApp Files expert.

Get started with the only high-performance data service that’s optimized for rich, business-critical datasets, and create highly resilient virtual environments in Azure in just minutes.

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