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Watch This Vlog on Enhancing Data Management with NetApp Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager is effectively the centerpiece of the NetApp cloud services, so it’s important to get to know the ins and outs of it whether you’re deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Compliance, Cloud Tiering, or any other NetApp cloud solution. In this new vlog I made, I want to walk you through all of the basic Cloud Manager functions so you get a better idea of what this technology is capable of and how to get started using it.

Watch my Cloud Manager vlog here.

But What Is Cloud Manager?

Cloud Manager simplifies data management and storage operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The API-driven service unifies storage infrastructure, allowing you to manage all your cloud and on-premises resources through a single pane of glass. 

In the vlog I give you a quick overview of the Cloud Manager solution, showing you how you can store and manage volumes, whether they are on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premises. After that I’ll introduce you to some of Cloud Manager’s features and capabilities, including backup and data protection, meeting compliance and data privacy standards, and tiering data seamlessly to different storage tiers to optimize your cloud costs. I also discuss BCloud Manager’s file caching technology, which allows you to access data remotely without impacting performance and connecting clusters to Kubernetes to enable full data lifecycle management.

Once you get a general idea of what Cloud Manager is capable of, I explain how to deploy the solution securely in your cloud environment. We’ll cover the different steps of deployment, what fields need to be filled out, and how to activate the services that are applicable to your business.

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Aviv Degani, Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp

Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager, NetApp