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CCPA Compliance

Compliance in the Cloud Is Easier Than Ever: NetApp Cloud Compliance Is Now Available

February 19, 2020

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The world of data is changing. California’s new regulation, the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) comes into effect following hard on the heels of the EU’s ground-shaking General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is really just the beginning of a new trend in data privacy.

What does this all mean for compliance in the cloud? NetApp is ready to help enterprises adjust to this new paradigm with the release of Cloud Compliance for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Azure NetApp Files, and Amazon S3 buckets.

This is part of an extensive series of guides about security testing.

What Does Cloud Compliance Do?

Cloud Compliance identifies sensitive personal data that is stored anywhere in your cloud repository—whether that’s in Amazon S3, Azure NetApp Files cloud volumes, or any public cloud storage service managed by Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Using a context-aware AI, Cloud Compliance maps the data in your storage volumes, distinguishing between personal information (SSN, credit card numbers etc) versus personal sensitive information (personal details such as religion, food preferences, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.) so you can identify data and take actions to comply with regulations about this data.

Cloud Compliance delivers actionable reports, so you can determine the most effective way to protect that data and respond to regulatory requirements such as Data Subject Access Requests and data protection impact analysis.

These results are easily produced with the click of a button using the NetApp Cloud Manager console, and can be downloaded for verifying compliance for internal teams and for regulators. This is an important resource to help ensure that you can achieve compliance in the cloud repositories that you use.

Why Is Compliance Important?

As the growing list of GDPR violations shows, there can be costly consequences if your company takes a lax stance on data privacy. Cloud Compliance is a way to enact an always-on privacy policy, giving data controllers a useful tool to monitor and regulate data internally.

But GDPR is just the beginning. There is an entire host of similar legislation around the world that makes it critical for organizations to manage sensitive data, including PIPEDA, POPI, LGPD, and PCI. Cloud Compliance can help.

Get the Tools to Prepare Your Data Right Now for Compliance in the Cloud

No matter which cloud you’re using, compliance matters. Get a first look at the new way that NetApp is making it easier to meet the new demands of privacy regulation, from the new CCPA to the existing requirements of GDPR and HIPAA. Cloud Compliance is the new standard in managing data privacy.

Activate your Cloud Compliance feature for Cloud Volumes ONTAP or Azure NetApp Files now.

For more information download the Cloud Compliance Data Sheet

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