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Pushing the Frontiers of Cloud Storage, One Service at a Time

It‘s both meaningful and impactful to be validated by a big partner. Recently one of our partners announced two enhancements to their file service offerings. Those announcements represent an important confirmation of NetApp’s position that workloads in the public cloud need enterprise class storage services.

File services are critical public cloud storage services. That’s why we launched Cloud Volumes on AWS five years ago. With the development of Cloud Volumes on AWS, we advanced the possibilities for the public cloud through crucial features, including high performance, instant and space efficient clones to accelerate application development, integrated snapshots to improve application reliability, and higher availability.

Since then, we have pushed the frontiers of cloud file storage by delivering a fully managed cloud service with SLAs for performance and availability, as well as the ability to scale performance on the fly.

We love that customers want to migrate workloads to the public cloud and develop new capabilities on public clouds using a robust, enterprise file storage service. That is exactly what we deliver with Cloud Volumes. In our line of work, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve by rolling out constant innovations to satisfy our user’s needs—and beyond.

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