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Meet Canada Data Sovereignty Requirements With ANF, Now in Canada!

February 24, 2020

Topics: Azure NetApp Files Elementary3 minute read

We are happy to announce the availability of Azure NetApp Files in the Canada Central Region, enabling Canadian customers to deploy their file-based Azure workloads securely without the complexity of building and maintaining their own file servers. As the appetite for simple, shared file services in Azure has continued to grow, the need to meet Canadian data sovereignty requirements has become a must. For companies that must comply with Canadian data sovereignty regulations, data must be held exclusively by a Canadian provider, transferred over a Canadian network, and housed in a Canadian data center. Meeting these stringent requirements ensures that Canadian companies bound by sovereignty compliance can now benefit from Azure NetApp Files, one of the fastest-growing services in the Microsoft Azure portfolio.

Customers who attended launch events in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver were enthusiastic about requesting to be onboarded to experience the benefits of Azure NetApp Files for customers deploying Azure workloads in Canada.

Azure NetApp Files: The Cloud-Native Microsoft Azure Shared File Service

Azure NetApp Files is a powerful, enterprise-grade shared file service available directly through the Microsoft Azure portal—not through Azure marketplace—and billed against your annual Azure monetary commit. No new contracts to sign and on-premises-like performance that solves the challenges of deploying enterprise Azure file workloads.

Following the general availability of Azure NetApp Files in May 2019, customers have been consuming this fully managed Microsoft Azure file service, powered by robust NetApp technology, by the petabyte. This scalable, high-performance Azure file service has enabled some of our enterprise customers to reduce their high-performance computing (HPC) time from as much as a month to just one day. Watch the video highlighting the experience of Repsol.

Move All File Environments To The Azure Cloud With Azure Netapp Files

For both Windows (SMB) and Linux (NFS) file services, customers gain access to the trusted capabilities of NetApp technology in a Microsoft service, making it fast and simple to move all their file environments to the Azure Cloud without the need for highly trained, storage-centric expertise (which is in short supply). And when I say all file environments, I mean all. Three service levels—Standard, Premium, and Ultra—let you right-size your data performance to meet your application requirements. With the Ultra tier, you will receive file performance never previously experienced in the cloud. And you can change tiers yourself on-the-fly as your needs increase. You even get SAP production certified performance such that you can create business-critical SAP HANA clusters with a standby node.

New Regions Added Continually to Meet Shared File Services Demand

The addition of the new Canada Central Region now extends Azure NetApp Files to 13 regions around the world as demand for efficient cloud solutions for shared file services continues to skyrocket. Azure file services have seen a growth spurt, in particular. Azure NetApp Files regions now include the US, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, and recently a new region in Japan —Japan East.

You can expect us to continue to regularly add capabilities and regions to Azure NetApp Files as this high-performance service continues to expand to meet fast-growing demand for shared file services worldwide.

If you have questions, or if there is something specific that you’re looking for, let us know—we’re listening.

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