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Juicy GPUs!

November 5, 2018

Topics: 1 minute readKubernetes

Do your Kubernetes clusters need a little boost? Delivering Machine Learning and Big Data workloads? Give them some extra “oomph” by provisioning some NVIDIA Tesla GPU nodes to turbocharge your cluster through NetApp’s Kubernetes Service.

Clusters accelerated with NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs offer significant performance improvements, and they’re ever so easy to configure through our service. Just click the toggle switch on the Create Cluster page to leverage the power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

NetApps Kubernetes Services

GPUs are perfectly suited for nodepool - create nodepool. Nodepools offer efficient collections of compute that can be called by the cluster when the workload needs that node pool.

Why GPU?

GPUs are designed to provide high-power graphics processing, particularly on mobile, gaming, and desktop platforms. In the course of its evolution, the GPU became an incredibly efficient processor, overtaking standard CPUs in many areas. GPUs are designed to use parallel processing, which makes them particularly good at tackling large blocks of data.

NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs are the world’s most advanced data center GPU. If you’ve got terabytes or petabytes of data to chew through, Tesla GPUs can accelerate your processing by orders of magnitude.

About the Cost

Adding GPUs to your cluster will cost a little bit more. But if you’ve got the processing requirements, you’ll benefit greatly from the improved performance and time savings NVIDIA GPUs can deliver. 

(Heck, if you crunch the numbers, it might even be cheaper for you to run a cluster with NVIDIA GPU support. The GPUs can get through the workload faster, which means the cluster won’t have to be running as long.) 

NVIDIA Tesla GPU support is now available at and NKS for AWS, Amazon EKS, Azure, and Microsoft AKS. Go get ‘em.

1.12 Now Available - Upgrade Today!

K8s 1.12.1 is now available on the platform - if you have a 1.11 cluster, go ahead and press the upgrade button to kick off the update; it should only take 1-2 minutes.


See it in action, in the video below.

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